How Much Weight You Should Gain During Pregnancy, and What You Must Remember to Eat

What you want to do when pregnant (as much as women fear gaining TOO much weight) is to gain the appropriate amount of weight for your baby. As a matter of fact, it is actually worse to gain too little weight as opposed to gaining too much. However, there are more factors to consider in your diet than simply pounds.

The nutrition that the fetus receives can be a great start in their overall health. Aside from the recommend increase in your intake of food, there are definitely certain kinds of food that have proven to be more beneficial than others.

Many women wonder: why it is so important to gain weight and eat well to the extent that their doctors recommend? In other words, why do you have to gain 25 to 35 pounds (as per the typical recommendation) when your baby will (as per average) weigh 7.5 pounds?

1. The following is an itemized explanation of the medical reasons for gaining the recommend amount of weight while pregnant:

o 7.5 average baby’s weight

o A doctor includes in his or her recommendation that a woman gain an extra 7 pounds for stored protein, fat and other certain nutrients.

o There are 4 pounds required for the safety of your child that will serve to reserve extra blood.

o An additional 4 pounds will carry other body fluids for the fetus to use.

o 2 pounds should be added to the total weight gain for the purpose of breast swelling.

o Another 2 pounds are allotted for the expansion of your uterus.

o Another 3.5 pounds should be taken into consideration for the placenta and the amniotic fluid that surrounds and protects your baby.

2. Of course, every woman must keep in mind that patterns of weight gain will vary slightly.

o For instance, if you are already heavy, you may not need to gain as much.

o If you are having twins or triplets the amount of weight you need to gain will be different, and this will absolutely be something that your doctor should mention regularly.

o Your doctor will have to adjust the recommend weight gain if you are underweight as well.

o The most important thing to remember is that the amount of weight that you gain is much less important than what those extra pounds consist of. In other words, junk food as opposed to healthy food will be much better for your baby.

Some foods – even completely healthy foods – are better than other kinds of foods to consume during your for the benefit of your baby. Despite the hype over certain diets and supplements that are healthy for you, a pregnant woman must remember that she should take in about 300 calories more than usual every day.

It is the very best suggestion I can make to you: see or consult a nutritionist while you are pregnant or while trying to become pregnant. Sometimes, prenatal care will include this kind of consultation, but there are many specialists who believe that additional information should be discussed with a nutrition expert.

There are very many women who like their physicians but do not feel as though there is enough time during visits to discuss diet in detail. So if you want to be sure you are doing what is best for your baby as well as yourself, you should get a second, and more thorough expert opinion.

Source by Anne Clarke

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