How to Be a Good Motivational Speaker

Being a motivational speaker is something that you will not learn overnight. The best way to get practice at motivational speaking is by attending professional motivational speeches and seeing how it is done first hand, as well as learning some simple tips that will be outlined below.

To give a good motivational speech you need to be persuasive, influential and inspirational. This comes in 3 steps.

First of all, you need to work out exactly what is needed from your speech. Set out guidelines on what you want to put across and know your subject well before starting giving any speeches.

Secondly, you need to relate to the situation that you are dealing with. Give speeches to audiences that are learning about something you have already experienced. You should, to be influential, have something new to give them. If you have solved some common problems to do with your subject before, then teach these easy resolutions to others. If they seem accessible then people will listen and be willing to try them, especially if you give examples of how doing what you are saying worked for you. Make sure your audience know you care about and can relate to them and that you were once where they were.

Thirdly, make sure that you give people quality. Really research what you know and you will be persuasive and convincing. Do not just fire out lots of ideas, develop and work on a select few, then spread these and give examples of just how you can apply them. Simply, do what you say you are going to do. Give the people that hired you to speak to them something that really is useful and then they will learn to trust you and listen again in the future.

It is suggested that, if you own a business, you use the motivational speech tips to give smaller pep style talks to teams of people at a time. This is a good way of spreading down tips you learn from motivational speeches that you attend, or ones that you hire for the high up members of staff within your company (who can often benefit more by hearing a professional outside of the company speak) who can then spread the word down to their own divisions. Hired motivational speakers will still play a part in your business even if you learn the tips yourself, but they will need less usage and will be conducting their message to smaller groups as time goes on. In your speeches be clear about what you are aiming for and how important everyone is to the outcome, and then back this with targets which will be rewarded when met to inspire people to work and use what you teach them.

Source by Naz Haque

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