How to Become an Active Dreamer

What is an Active Dreamer? An Active Dreamer is one who does not just wish for change in his or her life, but actually takes action to make his or her dream a reality. We often think, “wouldn’t it be great if”, but then we don’t act to make the great happen. In order to make our dreams a reality we must take action; we must become Active Dreamers.

Do you know anyone who doesn’t dream of having something change for the better in his or her life? I certainly don’t. All of us wish and dream of changing some part of our life to make it better. Some of us dream of having more in our lives: more money, more friends, more business, more focus, more love, more travel, or perhaps, more self-confidence. Some of us dream of having less in our lives: less stress, less fear, less confusion, less worry, less debt.

Most of us can identify with the dream of having more money in our lives and the freedom it would afford us. Few of us, however, consciously put that dream into action. But we can. Let’s look at the steps to becoming an Active Dreamer.

1) Define your dream

If your dream is to have more money, you need to define why you want more money and what you will do with it when you get it. Do you want more money in order to buy an object, create a different lifestyle, clear up debt, travel, etc.? Your dream must be clearly defined if you hope to make it reality.

2) Specify actions you can take

Make a list of the ways you can make more money. Can you be promoted at work, change jobs, get a second job, create a business at which you can work part time, sell something of value, save and/or invest, change spending habits, etc.? Think outside of the box for this step.

3)Identify the obstacles and challenges you will need to overcome

It is important to look realistically at things that will hinder your ability to complete the specific action you have decided upon. Will taking this action create excessive tension in your family, social or professional life? Do you have the time and energy to devote to this action? Can you afford any expense involved? Will you be happy taking this action? Don’t minimize obstacles and challenges, they are real and need to be dealt with now so that they do not become stumbling blocks later.

4) Create a plan

In order to put your dream into action you need to create a detailed plan of action steps. Do you need to talk to your supervisor about promotion opportunities? Do you need to network with others to discover new job opportunities? Do you need to research new business fields? Do you need to consider relocating? Create a step-by-step plan to realize your dream.

5) Create a timetable

Now that you have a plan, you must assign a completion date to each step. When do you want to activate your dream? Can you accomplish all the steps in six months, one year, two years? Once you have the end date, create a timeline for each step. Some steps may take a day or a week to complete others might take months. Be realistic about the time needed to complete each step. If you think step one will take one month to complete, make six weeks your timetable. This will allow for unforeseen interruptions or delays. And just think of the satisfaction you will feel at early completion of the task.

6) Gather support

Remember, “No man is an Island.” To be a successful Active Dreamer, you must have the support of family/friends/coworkers, etc. Make a list of the people you need to support you in achieving your dream. These people might be your spouse, family, friends, supervisors, etc. Then, make a list of people you would like to support you. This list might contain the names of acquaintances, business associates or even people you don’t know personally. By sharing your dream with others you can open the door to opportunities you don’t know exist.

7) Take the first step

You are now ready to take the first step to becoming an Active Dreamer. You can step out boldly because you have already defined your dream, specified the actions to take, identified the obstacles and challenges, created a plan, created a timetable and gathered support. There is nothing stopping you in realizing your dream. Congratulations! You have become an Active Dreamer. Now, GO FOR IT!

(c) 2004 Beth Densmore

Source by Beth Densmore

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