How to Become the Finest and Greatest Man – 6 Tips You Need to Love and Marry the Choicest One

It is very beautiful to be the finest and greatest man. It is very wonderful to be full of tender passion and get married to the choicest one. If you really want to get hitched to the woman you desire with your whole heart and be faithful to her, there are things you must know and do.

The following are simple but essential tips that can get you the woman you want; make you more respectable, admirable, honorable, progressive and powerful in marriage. Not for the squeamish or puritanical. Enjoy it!

Tip #1 – Physical Appearance

a. Be on the attractive side.

b. Good looks, lots of money and high social status are definitely legal tender in the acquisition of honor and prestige.

c. Richer and more powerful husbands had more attractive girls, beautiful girls with the most popular image such as boobs and buttocks.

d. A pleasant personality, courteous social graces and knowledge or information are define asset.

e. Be an internationally esteemed personality, businessman, brilliant Chief Executive Officer, a world-changer and best-selling author, if you can.

f. The more equitable your assets, the happier your marriage, life and home.

g. Have average build, lovely, slim and sensitive body types.

h. Let your appearances elicit the care and protection feelings of women.

i. Possess sexual maturity and dominance characteristics; who seem sociable, approachable and of high social status.

j. Go for more clothed woman, go for the most attractive date possible!

k. Move in a strong, self-assured and masculine fashion.

Tip #2 – Possessions

a. Form or develop something such as a wealth plan or an idea slowly and quietly over a period of time, or be formed or developed in this way.

b. Incubate your ideas, document your ideas, believe in your ideas.

c. Do not be frightened or apprehensive about your ideas, commercialize and become rich.

d. Believe your ideas are workable! Activate your ideas and turn every failure into success.

e. Increase your inspiration, determination, ability and skills as you become more powerful.

f. Be richer, more refined. Go for world-class achievements and live the higher life.

g. Apart from the knowledge and revelation of The WORD, there are just three accomplishments every man need to make the most advance, important, or conspicuous position in any situation. They are fame, fortune and female being (woman). When you want to take a spouse, get married to a woman in your class.

h. Do not compromise the standard! Have a special eye for someone of the same elegance, style, flair, panache, taste and status.

i. The look of wealth goes from your haircut right down to your feet. Do not try to sneak one cheap detail into your ensemble.

j. Wear an expensive watch, real diamond jewellery. It shows! Always go for hand-made suit. Wear designers! Avoid low-class wears, common and little things with little impact. Let your wears impart.

k. Look up smart and good, speak good and elegantly.

Tip #3 – Prestige

a. A man of insight will be in the company of beautiful women.

b. Women have a tendency to fall in love with men who can help them professionally. Be comfortable, dress well and be yourself.

c. Know the right thing to do at the right time and command respect.

Tip #4 – Knowledge

a. The pursuit of knowledge is a lifetime commitment and it brings one deep joy throughout lifetime.

b. Intelligence gained through knowledge is a potent asset.

c. Be a professional. It impress them deeply.

d. Knowledge is power and it keeps you above your fellows.

e. Knowledge is aphrodisiac to intelligent and ambitious women.

f. Knowledge is an asset and a define legal tender that bring alot of things to you, including the tender passion.

Tip #5 – Personality

a. Personality gives you a higher value on the open market of human activity and passionate attraction.

Tip #6 – Inner Nature

a. It is the deepest.

b. Always be loving and have loving thought to impact.

c. Give selflessly to other persons when there is no reward in sight.

d. Be sexually faithful, financially responsible and personally flexible.

e. It is a marketable assets you bring to a relationship.

f. It is all about things you have learn, every experience you possess, every fine quality you have developed. It is a tangible benefit.

g. Never stop learning, never stop developing your personality and social skills, and always strive to develop fine inner qualities.

h. Give gifts and do favours! It is right to stay together, stay happy and stay in love for a lifetime. Value relationship. Make her fall harder and faster! Be the man who stay on top of things.

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