How to Buy Dinosoles Shoes

Are you looking for good quality shoes that your kids will enjoy wearing? We were too and discovered Dinosoles – dinosaur themed shoes for children. All the favorite dinosaurs are featured like T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Velociraptor.

The 3D Dinosoles have raised dinosaurs on the shoes. The Dinorama collection have brightly coloured dinosaur scenes printed on them. Some Dinosoles also feature lights and have dinosaur footprints on the sole. For older children and even adults, there’s the DinoSkulls range of canvas shoes. And for the summer, you’ll want FlipFlopasaurs!

Why are Dinosoles Shoes so popular?

Kids think they are brilliant – you don’t get any argument when you tell them to get their shoes on (getting them to take them off is another matter!).

We found lots of reviews showing that Dinosoles shoes are high quality, comfortable and durable. We’re talking about kids’ feet here so this is very important.

They are made by a private company with a passion for their product. Their tag line is “Here at Dinosoles, we want dinosaurs to roam the earth again.” We like this.

Shoes are a practical item that you have to buy. Dinosoles turn shoes into an exciting Birthday or Christmas present that kids are excited to receive.

Dinosaurs are big at the moment (Yeah, we know, some of them are bigger than a double-decker bus!) The Dinosaur Train kids TV show is popular and dinosaurs are everywhere.

Where can you buy Dinosoles Shoes?

A number of stores are now selling Dinosoles online. Not everywhere has the full range or a good stock of sizes. And then there are offers and discounts to consider. You could spend ages looking! It’s also good to know which are the most popular Dinosoles shoes – the ones everyone else is buying. And isn’t it important to get a good view of the shoes before you buy them? After sales service is really important with something like kids shoes too – you need a store that you can rely on.

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