How to Buy Top Brand Running Shoes For Girls

When you go shopping for a new pair of sneakers, if you are a serious female runner you will need to find a store that sells specialized running shoes for girls. Simply going into a general sports store and buying a pair that looks good will not necessarily be the best option. Most dedicated running outlets will have highly trained staff, who will generally be runners themselves. They will be able to help you pick out the perfect pair of girls running shoes, which will feel comfortable to go jogging in, but also play a crucial role in minimizing injuries.

Because women tend to have wider hips than men, the top parts of their legs join the knee at a bigger angle – called the Q-angle, or quadriceps angle. This makes the female runner more prone to joint injury than her male counterpart. The slightly different anatomy also means that girls are more likely to need running shoes that correct problems caused by the feet rolling either inwards or outwards during the running action.

Most proper running supplies stores will have a treadmill and high-speed camera set up, to help determine which way your feet roll – if they collapse inwards, you are said to overpronate; if they roll outwards, you underpronate or supinate. So do not be surprised if you are asked to get on the running machine by staff, so they can do a so-called “gait analysis” on your action.

Once you know whether you are an overpronator, a supinator or have a neutral gait, you will be happy to hear that most of the main running shoe brands will provide something to fit your style. Take your time and try on several pairs to get the ones that fit perfectly for length and width, without sliding around and causing blisters. If necessary, ask the staff if you can try them out on the treadmill to see how they perform when you are actually running. Here are some of the major brands to look for, and they are divided into the three running gaits with examples of which model to try out. Do listen to the staff and take advice though; new models are made each year to enhance the comfort of runners and correct minor imperfections in the preceding versions.

Asics Models – GEL-Kayano (neutral); GEL-Evolution (overpronation); GEL-Nimbus (supination)

Saucony Models – ProGrid Triumph (neutral); ProGrid Stabil (overpronation); Grid Launch (supination)

Mizuno Models – Wave Creation (neutral); Wave Alchemy (overpronation); Wave Rider (supination)

Brooks Models – Glycerin (neutral); Addiction (overpronation); Glycerin (supination)

New Balance Models – WR441 (neutral); WR749 (overpronation); WR769 (supination)

Nike Models – Zoom Vomero (neutral); Zoom Structure Triax+ (overpronation); Air Pegasus (supination)

Many brands have versions of their running shoes which fit for a range of gaits, so you might find that often, a particular model be fine for neutral runners as well as underpronators. This is why it is always a good idea to go to a specialist store, where the staff can guide you towards the most suitable ones.

The brands and models I have included are examples only, and offer you a start point for your search for the perfect girls running shoes. There are many more models offered by each brand, so keep pestering the staff for a good selection to try out for yourself until you are satisfied you have found the right ones.

Source by Sam Budd

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