How to Choose a Right Dress for Yourself?

When you plan to go out, a big question comes to your mind, “What to wear?” Choosing clothes for a particular occasion is a very confusing task and this becomes more difficult if you are of plus size. But now this worry seems to be a thing of past.

Earlier, plus-sized women used to find it difficult to get a perfect dress for any occasion. They had limited options available in the market. But things have changed now. They have plenty of options available now and there seems to be no limitations for plus size clothing.

Here are some tips to make sure that you select the right dress for you.

Know your body type

Before selecting any dress, you must know your body type. This is the most basic and important thing for you to know. If you don’t know your body type, it is almost impossible to select a right dress. Basically, body shape silhouettes are categorized in four types, ‘hourglass,’ ‘triangle,’ ‘inverted triangle,’ and ‘rectangle.’

If you have a triangle-shaped body with large hips and thick thighs, then avoid wearing fitted jeans or tapered pants. They will make you look heavier. You can try out for streamlined pants or trousers with flare that will draw attention away from your heavy hips. Layered clothing can also help to hide a wide waistline.

Select the right color and texture

Color plays an important role while choosing plus-size fashions. Black color will give you a slimmer appearance, although you can also try some bold colors like red, royal blue, violet etc. You should not run away from prints, just make sure that you don’t select a dress with bold prints all over. Avoid clingy fabrics that will highlight your problem areas. Fabrics like Lycra will cling to oversized stomach. Select the fabrics like cotton, linen and denim. These fabrics have some weight to them. Look for clothing with some structure that will look shapely or you can try a dress with a matching coat.

Look for proper fitting

Fitting can make or break an outfit. Plus size women tend to choose shapeless clothes, which can hide their whole body. Loose-fitting dresses might be comfortable and easy to wear, but look very dull and boring. If you go by the advice of Stacy and Clint from, ‘What Not To Wear,’ you should purchase clothing to fit the largest part of your body, and then have it tailored to fit everything else. For example, if you have thick thighs, but small waist, don’t try a pair of slacks that fits your waist comfortably but squeezes your thighs. Instead you can buy some pants that are comfortable on your legs, and have the waist taken in.

The same applies when you buy dresses and tops. If you have a large bust, then first make sure your dress fits your chest comfortably then get the shoulders and waist cut down to your size. Try some well-fitted clothes and see the transformation, you will be amazed to see the change.

Select a dress that highlights your best assets and gives you a stylish look. For better results select the correct undergarments. Follow the basic rules mentioned above and keep experimenting in front of mirror and see what looks good and what doesn’t.

Source by Wendy Elderkin

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