How to Fold a Pocket Square

If a suit and tie is part of your regular work attire, then there is probably a good chance you are getting a little bored with the same look everyday. Looking to add a more unique style, you have probably added a pair of brown shoes, brown belt, as well as French cuffed shirts that are worn with your set of cufflinks. If you are still on the search for more accessories, that are classy and a great way to add your own style to your outfit, then considering wearing a pocket square is a great option. Knowing how to wear a pocket silk will be easy once you read this article. Not only do you have many different colors, patterns, and pocket square styles to choose from, but there are also quite a few different ways to fold a hankie.

Finding the Right Pocket Square

When choosing a pocket silk, think about the look you are going for. By “look” we mean how formal you want your attire to appear. The most formal are solid color pocket squares made from shiny silk in colors white, and black. Slightly less formal are solid navy blue, and burgundy red hankies. Least formal but still very classy, are pocket square with more color and more designs. A paisley pattern pocket square in burgundy red, green, and navy blue is less will add a very elegant-sophisticated touch without appearing too formal.

How to Match Your Pocket Square

First of all, you should only wear a pocket silk in combination with either necktie or bow tie. Wearing one without your neckwwear will look out of place. Next, find a color and pattern that goes with the rest of your outfit. The easiest way to do this is to choose a pocket square that is made from the same fabric, meaning color and pattern, then the necktie or bow tie. For a pocket square aficionado this might be a little too boring and somewhat plain looking. The true fashion expert will wear a hankie that has it’s own unique color and pattern, but nevertheless, matches well to the rest of your outfit. As a general rule, combine colors that are part of the same color family. A pastel tone pocket square in a light blue color will look great with neckties that are also in lighter pastel colors such as light pink, orange, and lime green. If you like to wear a pocket silk with more pattern, than make sure to vary the pattern size on your pocket square, dress shirt, jacket, and your necktie.

How to Fold a Pocket Square

It is important to match your pocket square fold to the style of pocket square you will be wearing. A more formal hankie, such as a classic solid white one, should be combined with a more formal type of fold such as the flat pocket square fold, or also called “presidential fold”. Simply place your hankie on a clean, flat surface. Then fold it in-half to create a rectangular shape. Then fold -in each side, so that the pocket square has the width of your breast pocket – that’s it!

The least formal pocket square fold is the so-called “Puff fold”. Simply take your pocket silk and place it on a clean flat surface. Then pinch the pocket square at the center with two fingers and pick it up. Then, slide the pocket square through your other hand while still pinching the center, and stuff the hankie into your breast pocket. You can do this either with the four corners sticking out of your pocket, or by placing them inside. Pick the option you prefer most.

Source by Hendrik Pohl

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