How to Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend Easily


She always pops up at the wrong time yeh? Just when you think you’ve got over her, there she is again. You’re always going to be close to this girl so its not like you can completely erase her. After all, she gives you this amazing unexplainable feeling when you’re with her.

Even though you have broken up, you’re still in the same social circle. That may be awkward but your going to have to get round that. You can cut the tension with a knife when you’re both in the same room.

This always happens at the beginning of the post-break up phase. And you can’t help but think what it would be like if you two had not broke up. It’s natural.

But then you have to remind your self, is she really worth the effort of chasing again? Sometimes however much fun you have being back on the singles market and playing the girls, you still want her.

The Challenge

Even if you did get back together, would it last again? Because there must be a reason for why you split last time; that will always play in the back of your mind and you’ll end up living in fear of that happening again.

So let’s say you decide you do want to have a go at getting her back. But what will you say? The last time you spoke was more than likely rather awkward…

Still want to make her want you again? Let’s get to work then.

How to Get It

When in your social circle, don’t discuss her to the others, and don’t show off in front of her. It can be easy to start bragging in front of her about how many women you’ve been seeing.

Sure you want her to think “Why have I left this guy” but that’s through pre-selection. You want to feed it to her bit by bit by bringing a female friend along once in a while, saying how you went to this awesome restaurant with ‘a friend’ etc.

And don’t start thinking that she’s the best you can get because that’s when it all goes wrong. You definitely won’t get her again. So keep up the gaming of other women.

The key to getting her back is to not try. What I mean by this is, the worst thing you can do is be the needy clingy ex boyfriend that begs her day and night to come back to him. And even if you think you’re not showing her that you want her back, you will be in-explicitly. Even your presence can be enough.

Make some direction in your life but have her as a plan ‘B’. Don’t spend all your time on getting her back.

The best time to talk to her is when you have something new to talk about. If you’re the exactly same guy she broke up with, then she won’t be into you still.

So initially you will have to steer clear of her to let the change happen (e.g. job change, haircut, friends, hobbies etc). Talk to her as if she was a pal at first. Do the hugs, high fives, and call her ‘mate’ or ‘pal’.


Don’t let her think for one second that she could have you back whenever she wanted. Because for as long as she feels that way, you wont get her.

So treat her as you would any friend. Don’t reply to her texts straight away. Take a few hours to do it instead and that way she will naturally be wondering what you are up to.

Then don’t answer her calls, or leave answer messages. Call back much later/next day. You suddenly become the guy she can’t contact.

Whenever your out with your friends always be the one to make the decision of what you’re going to do. Become the dominant one of the group. She won’t be able to help but feel this attraction for you again.

Once you have had the opportunity to talk to her again with a positive, happy conversation, treat her like you did when you first started dating. Keep your distance but show a slight interest.

Talk about the good times and funny moments you shared. When you reach an emotionally high moment and you’re both crying with laughter, leave. Say you have to go but it was cool chatting.

Every time you see her talk about the good times and how funny it was when she (whatever happened) and she looked so stupid.

Never talk about bad things; and definitely don’t talk about the split up. Don’t ask who, what, where, when or why. Just stay off the subject completely. If she brings it up then tell her you don’t want to talk about it, now that’s its all in the past.

The Ideal Date

Go back to places that have sentimental value to you both and reminisce. When you’re in the moment, go for the kiss. I guarantee you, she will go for it. Women run on emotions so when that feeling of love is running through her, do it.

Either that or try doing something that shows a new side to you. Maybe a hobby you have now taken up that is really cool (even though it’s expensive I suggest jet skiing. Works a treat)! Then take her back to places she will be familiar with such as back to yours, hang around in your bedroom for a while and go see the family with her.

How can she turn her back on this? She loved every moment of it after all; and by now she would have forgotten why you even broke up.

Maintaining It

Whatever went wrong last time, change it.

If you acted too needy, then give her some space. Remind yourself that you are the man and you could replace her in a second.

It’s your role to control the relationship; so do it. I will bet any money that if this was your mistake last time, it was why it went wrong.

On the other hand, if you didn’t commit enough to the relationship, try a bit harder. This doesn’t mean become a lick ass but genuinely show her you want to be in this relationship. Let her know that this is what you want.

Apart from that, you know the score. You have already dated before so you know what it takes to make her tick. Continue as if it’s a new relationship with and exciting future.

Source by Vince Lynch

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