How to Grow Taller – 7 Super Foods to Explode Your Growth

Growing taller is a dream of many men as well as women. There are many drugstore food supplements or multi-vitamins that can be used to get good height but all these options are un-natural. With these fantastic natural ways of growing taller, there is no need to be taking expensive supplements. Here are seven super foods which can be enjoyed and at the same time help you to boost your growth without any side effects of medications.

  1. Eggs: These are a most important and wonderful source of getting protein. As known, eggs contain protein in a very large quantity and protein is important for hair, nails, as well as bone growth. White albumins in eggs contain 100% protein, which helps a person to grow taller. To grow taller, it is recommended to use three to six eggs on daily basis.
  2. Milk: All of us know that milk contains calcium, which is not only good for bone growth, but it also provides strength to bones. Milk is a food, which is easily digestible and also helps to assimilate proteins. Two to three glasses of milk are a must to help you grow taller.
  3. Soybean: Soybeans are said to have the highest quantity of proteins of all types of vegetarian foods. It consists of pure proteins which help to improve both bones and tissue mass. Fifty grams of soybeans on a daily basis is the prescribed quantity to be helpful in growing taller.
  4. Oatmeal: It is also rich in proteins like soybeans. It is good for those people who are diet conscious as it has a very low fat content. Same quantity of oatmeal like that of soybean is also recommended to achieve an ideal height.
  5. Coral calcium: It’s a natural source of calcium and is derived from sea corals. Coral calcium helps to gain bone mass and so helps to grow bones.
  6. Chicken: High protein content is found in chicken. As a lot of us know, chicken soup is often recommended as a remedy for all kinds of ailments. It is likewise a fact that the high protein in such broth, or perhaps in the actual chicken meat as also helpful to achieve your maximum height.
  7. Beef: Similar to chicken, beef also has a high quantity of proteins. One hundred grams of beef on a daily basis is a good way to receive a significant quantity of proteins for your body.

While all of the above super foods have been found helpful by most people in trying to gain maximum height, it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor first before embarking on a diet routine to maximize your growth.

Source by Vladislav Shel

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