How to Help Children Suffering From Diabetes

Diabetes is a congenital disease seen in both adults and children with no difference. While comparing the ratio, only a less number in proportion contributes from children. Juvenile diabetes or type 1 diabetes is the common type of disorder seen among children. Nearly five percent of the total diabetic patients occur among children. Type 1 diabetes, mainly caused due to the lack of insulin retards the breakage of sugar molecules leading way to increased blood sugar level.

Currently type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance is also diagnosed among children. This is mainly due to overweight, heavy meals and lack of exercise. Intensive care should be taken for diabetic children because an uncontrolled lifestyle can negatively affect their growth and health in their future. When not recognized, this may lead to severe complications like blindness, stroke and heart disease in later stages. Sufferers from juvenile diabetes often show symptoms of blurred vision, excessive thirst, nausea, irritability, frequent urination and reduced blood coagulation. Retinopathy and neuropathy are some examples of consequences caused due to uncontrolled diabetes. When a child shows any of these symptoms, never hesitate to show a doctor. If diabetes is recognized, consult a diabetes specialist and start medication immediately.

Giving proper medication and awareness about diabetes is the best thing what we can do here. Maintaining a controlled blood glucose level is essential in their lifestyle. Diabetic children are also more exposed to complications like anemia and thyroid disorders. A balanced diet and regular exercise helps in controlling blood sugar.

With medications get a prescribed diabetic diet and make control over the body blood sugar level. Include good amount of vegetables and fruits which contain high glucose level than fructose in their diet. This helps in proper metabolization of sugar contents in food. Regular exercise reduces body weight, increases body metabolic activities there by control diabetes. Advice diabetic children to drink plenty of water because drinking a lot of water helps in preventing body dehydration. Taking children for regular check-ups and giving them seminars on diabetes also helps in making them aware of the disease.

Today various diabetes camps are designed for children suffering from diabetes. Main aim of conducting these camps is to filter diabetic children from their tough lonely life with all tests. We can also create public awareness by conducting these camps in holidays and vacation period. It will be a fun as well as study for the children. Next thing what we can do for diabetic children is teaching them how to monitor blood sugar level by providing sugar monitors and test strips. Make them aware of normal blood sugar level before food and after food. If they are big enough, teach them taking insulin injections after doctor’s consultation.

Symptoms shown by both diabetic children and adults are more or less similar. Diabetic children may show more emotional impacts like stress and angry than normal children. So knowingly give them special attention and assists them with fine care. Giving classes on diabetes and self management training will provide them good guidance. Make children aware of diabetes and promote them in going life with a well controlled diet.

Source by Dr Andrew Napier

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