How to Land Motivational Speaker Jobs

Have you ever wondered how to land motivational speaker jobs?

The business of motivational speaking is highly competitive. In the beginning it's normal for you to keep your day job while you develop your speaking skills. Work on your writing and speech skills and really learn about your niche in your spare time.

Motivational speaking can be a hit or miss for many people and some people learn the hard way by making rookie mistakes as they start their career. The job involves a lot of skills and you need to practice and hone them. Speakers know they should sharpen their speaking skills but some forget the marketing aspect of the job.

Here are some tips to get you on your way to a lucrative speaking career. Just follow these tips and you can land speaking jobs that make you tons of money.

Determine what you can share and talk about

Motivational speakers share experiences which audiences can relate to; stories that can teach principles and give inspiration. You can share personal experiences and the success stories of other people. Talk about something you are passionate about.

In addition to talking about their passion, successful motivational speakers also find a way to tie their passion to the needs of a profitable marketplace. It's a combination of passion and problem-solving that makes a speaking career profitable.

Know where to speak

Speakers should determine the groups and venues that he or she can speak to. The list is endless and here are some examples: Adult teaching classes, Conferences, Colleges, cruise Ships, non-profit organizations, seminars, businesses, youth groups, and many more.

Pick a niche:

Profitability starts at choosing your niche. A niche is a targeted audience from a larger group, having a target audience will help you focus both in speech writing and marketing yourself.

Have a great speech topic and package it nicely.

After picking a niche, you should draft speeches from a list of topics you think are most important to your niche. Let your speeches address the major problems of your chosen niche. At this point, research into your niche and further examination of your target audience is essential. Great speeches start in writing drafts and outlines.

Collect stories along with your personal experiences and use them as supporting items for your key points. You can get help from good writers if you want to. Package your speeches and topics for effective marketing.

Have a great marketing plan.

Armed with great speeches and topics, it is now time to market and convince your audience to buy it. There are a lot of marketing methods and techniques to implement. But in a nutshell, you should build an image of expertise and professionalism. Use marketing materials and networking to accomplish this.

From time to time, speak for free

Speak for free to get the word out. You are giving the public a taste of your services and gaining experience and stage time as well. Speak for non-profit associations and blow the audience away with a stunning performance. You can get referrals and spin-off bookings as a result.

Be a professional

Take your speaking career seriously. Be professional, have a physical office and business number. Buyers will hire speakers that exude professionalism.

Source by James R. Malinchak

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