How to Lose 50 Pounds in 7 Weeks – 5 Tips

Do you want to lose 50 pounds in 7 weeks? If you want to lose 50 pounds, it’s important to make healthy food choices as well as to move your body more often. In this article you can find 5 secret tips to help you lose 50 pounds in 7 weeks successfully.

1. Eat Healthier Food.

Many believe that you need to starve yourself or cut down on your food consumption in order to lose weight. But this is not true. When you eat less the risk is instead that you will overeat at the next meal. Instead you should try to replace junk food, fried food and processed foods with healthier choices such as chicken, lean meats, fish and turkey.

These are all natural and organic types of food, that won’t add up as extra pounds on your belly. Try to eat plenty of vegetables at every meal as well, as well as fruit as snacks between your meals if you would get hungry.

2. Drink More Water Instead of Soda.

Water can help you burn fat successfully. Soda and soft drinks contain a lot of sugar, and should be avoided, or at least be used in moderation. (Only at the weekends for example.) So try to replace soda as much as you can with water or low fat milk, that won’t be stored as fat on your body. 6 – 8 glasses of water or more per day is recommended for the best results.

3. Never Go Hungry When You Go Shopping & Bring a Food List.

You should remember not to go hungry when you go shopping. The risk will then increase for you to buy unhealthy snacks or goodies in order to get rid of your hunger. So try to eat before you go shopping. Another tip is to bring a food list when you go shopping. This will also help you keep control over the food you are buying, instead of adding a lot of unhealthy junk foods.

4. Move Your Body More Often.

A great way to burn off unwanted fat is to move your body more often. 20 – 30 minutes per day, a couple of times per week could be enough, to burn unwanted calories. For example walking, jogging or bike-riding are all easy types of exercises that you could do on a regular basis, and will also help you burn fat successfully.

5. Get Enough Sleep.

Sleeping more can actually help you burn more fat. When you sleep less, you will also get hungry more often, and risk to overeat. So remember to get at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep every night. This will also help you increase your chances to lose 50 pounds in 7 weeks from now.

Source by Jenny Adams

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