How To Lose Belly Fat In 6 Easy Steps

How to lose belly fat? Well there are three ways to shed the unslightly blubber that sits around your girth. You can choose between diet, exercise or go all out and have a tummy tuck. In this article I am going to discuss the former 2.

Losing belly fat is not as hard as many people try to make it. The truth is you can lose weight from your stomach without resorting to going under the knife by following a particular diet created for weight loss from around your middle, or diet and exercise combined,which is the recommended method.

After having twins my girth became a little stretched and I was desperate to lose the belly fat as quickly as possible. I didn’t quite become the yummy mummy but I did flatten my stomach through diet only. I am going to reveal 6 tips that can make an easy ten pound difference to your weight loss program.

So here go:

6 Basic Tips To Lose Belly Fat

1. Avoid “white” food. This includes white breads, pastas, many cereal products, and even crackers. Also remember some other white things too like flour, sugar, potato products, rice, and even processed milk and cheese products. Some white foods are OK though, such as cauliflowers, fish, and chicken.

2. Stop drinking sodas and other drinks that have calorie and are sugar laden. Don’t drink too much coffee either. Creamer? No. It’s white, isn’t it? Instead I want you to take in at least half the weight of your body in ounces of water. This means that if you weigh 250 pounds, you should be consuming 125 ounces of water every day. This will be essential for getting the fat loss process in gear.

3. Include lots of protein in your daily diet and always have some form of protein at every meal. Use any lean cuts of meat, fresh poultry, fish, prawns, crab lobster, poultry, eggs, beef and chicken burgers. It has been found that eating protein makes you feel full and curbs your appetite.

50% of your meal content should come from protein

4. Eat Good Carbs. When choosing the carbohydrate content of your meal make sure that you choose carbs that have a low glycemic index rating (GI). The lower the GI rating of the carb the better because it will not raise your blood glucose levels too quickly thereby preventing your body releasing large amounts of insulin, which we know is the fat hormone.

Good Carbs include: Most Fruits, vegetables, Wholegrains: rice, pasta, sweet potatoes, noodles, rye bread, these are the starchy carbhydrates – your body’s main source of energy.

30% of your meal content should come from carbohydrates

5. Spice Up Your Life. It has been proven that spices like cayenne pepper; salsa, hot peppers and mustard stimulate the body’s metabolic rate as well as effectively cleaning out the arteries. So add spices to your cooking.

6. Introduce MUFAs. The new buzz word in the weight loss industry. Monounsaturated Fats, the breakthrough weapon in the fight against belly fat. These fats are absolutely amazing at what they can do and how they burn fat. Originating in the Mediterranean MUFAs help to stop the belly fat making process and also prevents belly fat from coming back.

MUFAs include: Soybeans, semi-sweet-chocolate chips, almond butter – cashew butter, peanut butter, pecans, pine nuts, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, olive oil, green olives, black olives, avocado, flaxseed, safflower oil, and many others.

These six rules are pretty easy to follow, aren’t they? Sure, you’ll have to adjust your habits a little bit, but it really won’t be very hard once you get started.

Source by DeAnna D Dubois

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