How to Lose Weight by Drinking Water

Can you really lose weight by drinking water? The answer would be a resounding yes.

Most people don’t get enough water and it’s leading to more than dehydration. It’s no wonder with the amount of soft drinks people consume. Believe it or not drinking enough water is one of the many factors which can lead to someone gaining weight. In addition to filling you up and curbing your appetite to snack in between meals water increases your metabolism which helps burn off fat.

Combined with some daily exercise and a balanced diet water can actually fight fat. How does water help fight fat exactly. To understand this we need to understand some biological processes.

Your liver converts fat to energy. The livers other job is to help your kidneys do their job, such as filtering blood, retaining water and forming waste. Filtering your blood and getting vital nutrients from stored water in the kidneys throughout the body helps maintains your metabolism which helps regulate your body weight.

Problems begin to start when you don’t get enough water and productivity of these vital processes start to slow down. Your kidneys can’t metabolize fat as efficiently as they once could and rely on your liver to go into overtime. Now instead of burning fat you’ll begin to store fat. In addition to that toxins will also accumulate which would normally be flushed out by water.

Drink more water to fight off fat. Drink between 8-12 glasses everyday. That may sound like a lot and the thought of forcing yourself to gulp down that many glasses a day sounds worse than actually gaining unwanted weight. Not to mention having to run to the bathroom all day. Even though drinking that much water may be an exercise in and of itself for some it will help in the long run.

During the first few days of drinking more water than you’re used to you’ll be running to the bathroom more often and while annoying some important processes are going on. Your body is flushing out stored water it’s been retaining for years just in case water is not supplied to your body and it needs to go into survival mode for some reason. This storage water is usually kept in your ankles, thighs, hips and sometimes your belly. It does this because it senses more water is coming in and it doesn’t need to store this water anymore.

Eventually, both kinds of flushing will stop allowing you to drink your 8-12 glasses of water without any worries. So drink up and get your fill to use water as your secret weapon to fight back against fat.

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Source by Eric Hanson

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