How To Make Gel Manicures Last For a Long Time Span

For any fashionista, a gel polish manicure that lasts for a long time is a dream come true. Ideally, the manicure should last for two weeks. But till that point of time, if you see something weird, then you should follow the tips listed below.

Keep nails clean

Much before you apply the base coat, it’s essential to clean your nails thoroughly with alcohol. Basically, you can either wipe them with the help of a nail polish remover pad or a swab dipped in alcohol. The surface should be dry so that the polish lasts for a long time span.

Don’t use hand sanitizers

Even when dirt and dust gather on your hands, you shouldn’t use a hand sanitizer. While this might be the usual practice, a sanitizer dries nail beds, cuticles, and skin. It can also strip the topmost coat of the gel polish. Instead, you can go for a soap that’s skin-friendly and doesn’t cause harm to your nails. Alternatively, you can opt for a beauty bar with a quarter of moisturizing cream.

Apply oil regularly

Regardless of the season, you shouldn’t keep your nails dry. You may have to deal with something serious as nails have the tendency to break and tear off. It’s always a good idea to apply cuticle oil regularly. This would help you moisturize your nails.

Use glitter

Distract people around you with dingy nails. Apart from being a unique tool, distraction can always create a different optical illusion. As you would be moving with gel manicure regularly, you need to hide nails that are either chipped off from the end or peeking out from the nail bed. Well, you have two options for concealing the nails. Either put on glitter or switch to a classic French tip.

Stop using hot water

Extreme heat, while you are in a bathtub can peel away the gel polish nail art. Even when you feel like taking a shower, it’s advisable to keep it short. This would aid you to expose gel polish nails to extreme temperatures. Once you’re done, don’t forget to wipe off water droplets gently.

Reapply gel polish

Since gel polish makes nails shiny and glossy, you should always apply the top coat once again. This would help you protect manicure and keep you away from visiting the salon. It’s always better to reapply the coat after a few weeks. Just make sure that you have applied the coat carefully.

Take care of cuticles

Painting nails somewhere around the cuticles can finally result into lifting the gel from the nail’s surface. Rather than clipping your cuticles, you should be able to push them back by applying cuticle oil.

Never skimp on drying

Sitting with your nails next to a gel dryer can always be annoying. But, there’s no other option. You should make sure that you have placed your nails under the UV lamp for a long time. In case you under-cure the polish due to insufficient UV light, then the polish won’t stay firm as it is supposed to be.

Manage clip offs

Never press the panic button if the gel is about to come off. If you hardly have the time to attend the salon, then you should use a cuticle or nail clipper. Initially, you should buff down the portion and flatten it out. Once done, remember to fill the chip with a similar color shade until the next appointment.

File nail tips

In case you observe that the edges are rubbed or chipped away, then you should file them tenderly. Later, you should apply another coat over the free edge.

Finally, find a salon which assures you to fix gel manicures. You can either search for the most popular ones through the internet or ask your favorite companions.

Source by Billy S. Horner

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