How to Make Sex Last Longer – Men, Try the "Silver Bullet"

Have you ever noticed how many products boast that they have what it takes to make sex last longer? There are dozens upon dozens of products that can help treat premature ejaculation. The only problem is this – many of the “so called” cures only provide temporary relief.

Temporary relief is great if you want to constantly buy these products to make sex last longer, but that seems like such a waste of money. There is good news. Using the “silver bullet” technique is how you can make sex last longer and cure premature ejaculation forever. Here is the deal. Most products like desensitizing creams, pills, extra thick condoms, lotions, and potions all have one thing in common.

They only mask the problem by making you NOT BE ABLE TO FEEL SEX AS MUCH. WEAK! Just like there is only one way to kill a werewolf, there is really only one way that you can learn how to make sex last longer and it’s called the silver bullet technique. I have given it this name because it’s the only way to cure premature ejaculation forever just like a silver bullet is the only way to kill a werewolf.

Understanding premature endings:

Many guys that suffer from premature ejaculation suffer from it because of poor subconscious programming brought on by the desire to not get caught by mom during masturbation. Nobody wants to get caught in the act AND we don’t need to wine and dine ourselves. So, naturally we learn to get right to the point. This is exactly how we program ourselves to have a premature ejaculation problem later in life.

Good news: By using a step by step guide, we can learn how to reprogram ourselves mentally and physically to make sex last longer.

Source by S. L. Welch

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