How To Make Your Love Of Lace More Comfortable

There is nothing prettier than the look of lace. Many years ago, lace was very expensive as it was all created by hand. With the advent of machine-made laces, the cost has become negligible. Because of the low cost and the popularity of lace, you will find lace on everything from outerwear to the most intimate of undergarments and lingerie. There is nothing like knowing you have on lace panties to make a woman feel sexy. Unfortunately, lace can also be scratchy and irritating to wear.

Lace will feel stiffer if it is made from synthetic materials so try to find lace made from natural fibers like cotton or silk. Silk laces are the best but can be quite pricey compared to other laces. If you can afford it, though, you will find nothing else to feel as good and still look so sexy. Especially for intimate garments, silk lace will not chafe or irritate delicate skin.

If silk lace is too expensive, the next best option is a good quality cotton lace. This type of lace is usually quite sturdy and will get softer the more you wash it. Cotton lace can still be costly and is harder to find, unfortunately.

One way to get the look of lace without the chafing is to choose styles that are embellished with lace but where the lace doesn't actually touch sensitive skin areas. Satin chemises with lace insets are one option that looks and feels sexy without irritating the skin. Lace can be lined with soft or sheer fabrics that are still revealing is another option for sexy lingerie.

If you already have many lace items that are scratchy, there is a way to soften the lace so you can wear them more often. Soak all your lace in a sink or basin full of hot water and lots of fabric softener. Leave the items soaking for 24 hours. Depending on the stiffness of the lace, you may have to do this several times before the items are soft enough to wear comfortably. Once they have softened, be sure to always use fabric softener when you wash them again.

For lace bras, there are patterns available to sew linings into the bras. Silk or satin linings feel nice to your skin and still look good. If the point is to be see through, you can use a sheer rayon mesh. This material is very soft but can be purchased in very sheer fabrics to keep that see through look.

If you're a true lace lover, future purchases should really be made of silk for the most comfortable feeling items. It's worth it to save up and spend more for the quality you will get. The investment will pay off many times down the road as silk lace will look like new for many years if taken care of properly. There is nothing sexier than to wear a complete set of silk lace underthings under your clothes. The only one who knows it is you but everyone will notice the smile on your face.

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