How to Make Your Penis Look Bigger Naturally – My Personal Methods That I Have Tested and Proven

Do you ever wonder if your penis is big enough to satisfy your partner? Are you aware that the average penis size is about 6 inches? According to recent studies an average size penis should be between 5.4 and 6 inches when fully erect. And 88% of men fall somewhere in between those lengths. However, if you find yourself falling short in this area, today is your lucky day because it is possible for you to make your penis bigger naturally within a few months. There is no doubt that having a bigger penis would impress your partner and give you the edge to stand out from the crowd.

Currently in the penis enlargement industry, it is now possible for men to increase the size of their sex organ by more than 4 inches in length and up to 26% more in girth by simply following some natural remedies. And here are some of them.

1) Eat healthy: You have a lot to gain if you eat healthy foods because they will help to improve your vascular system. If you eat foods which are rich in fats they could clog up your arteries and this could inhibit the proper flow of blood to your penis. When there is good blood circulation, the penis will have a much harder erection, perform better, and will grow bigger. You need to always eat foods which are rich in vitamins A, C and E, as well as beta-carotene, lycopene and selenium. Also, these vitamins will protect against tissue and cell damage which free radicals can cause. Studies indicate that free radicals can affect cell function, giving rise to problems in the vascular system. Here are a list of vitamins that can help to boost your sexual performance:

• 300mcg of vitamin B12

• 500mg of calcium

• 250mg of vitamin E

• 100mg of vitamin A

• 5mg of iron

• 1000mg of vitamin C

• 250mg of magnesium

Foods such as oysters and clams are good choices for foreplay because shellfish have the necessary vitamins and also aphrodisiac qualities which will help to lighten the mood and make intercourse more pleasurable.

2) Shave around your manhood: Another way to make your penis look bigger is to always keep it well-groomed or shaven. A good way of doing this is to trim it first and then use an electric shaver. This is better than a razor because a razor might cause bumps, irritation, or painful ingrown hair and you would not want that. After shaving, do not forget to apply a good after-shave lotion.

3) Use your hand: One of the most reliable methods of actually making your manhood bigger is the use of hand exercises. This method will provide real gains and not just create the illusion of a bigger size. It works by manually using your hands to force blood into the chambers of your penis so that it becomes fully engorged with blood and it really grows bigger. To perform this particular exercise without injury or discomfort you should use natural lubricants or baby oil to reduce friction as you squeeze your manhood from the base all the way to the tip and increase blood flow. It is recommended to do about 60 strokes per day for the first 5 days and then you may double it as you continue to see some much appreciated gains in length.

Penis exercises are very important if you want to make your manhood grow bigger. They can give you a thicker and longer penis, and this will then increase your self-confidence with women. When your confidence gets the added boost you will find yourself getting more opportunities for sex and further improve your skills.

Source by Brian Fullerton

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