How to Paint Your Dance Shoes

Many shoe stores offer dance shoes but in limited designs and colors. Since dancing is a form of a creative sport, many dancers want to have painted dance shoes so that they can express themselves better. If you are one of them, then you can buy customized painted dance shoes from some shoe stores. Another option is that you can paint your dance shoes creatively on your own.

In order to paint your dance shoes, all you need is a shoe dye, paper towels, mixing spoon, a clean sponge, water, gloves, loose satin, and a pot. Below are some instructions on how to paint your dance shoes:

• Roll paper towels and keep them inside your moving shoes. The inside of your shoes will remain safe from shoe dye. Also, wear protective gloves so that the dye does not leak onto your hands.

• Now, pour four cups of water into the pot and heat the water.

• When the water is heated, add about one teaspoon of shoe dye into the water and mix it well. Check the color of this mixture when you stir it. If it is too light, then add more quantity of dye in it. Keep on adding the dye till you are satisfied with the color.

Now, dip your sponge into the newly made dye and apply this sponge on the satin cloth. It is the best way to check the color of your dye. Wait a bit until it gets dried. Now you can see the actual color. If it is still light, you can add more color to the dye.

• After that, it is time to paint your moving shoes with a perfectly made shoe dye. Paint your shoes with it by a sponge. Let the color dry fully. After some time, apply another layer of the same color. This will help you add more even shade to the shoes.

• Painting your moving shoes will require two to three hours till they get completely dried. Repeat the painting task repeatedly during these hours.

• When you are done with painting the base of your shoes, you can now add a touch of different designs on your dance shoes. Come up with various ideas of shoe designs and paint those designs on your shoes, by using a paint brush.

Now you can remove the paper towels after painting your dance shoes. If you want to come up with more creative colors, you can mix any other color in the same dye.

Source by Alix Thomas

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