How to Raise Your Self-Image With Coaching Sessions For Professional Development

How to Raise Your Self-Esteem

Are you standing in your own way?

You will never rise higher than your own self-image. That’s why you must first mentally accept that you are meant for something greater than perhaps you’re manifesting in your life right now.

Read on to find out more about this critical first step in personal growth and professional development.

“Raise Your ‘Ego-stat'”

Your ego-stat is my term for two factors determining your chances for living an extraordinary life. One of these factors is your self-image and the other is your sense of self-efficacy.

Your self-image is what you see yourself worthy of and impacts every aspect of your life from what you’ll do for a living, to how much money you’ll feel comfortable making, and even the people you’ll associate with.

If you move too far outside of that self-image, your “egostat” will give you a psychological zap and make you feel uneasy until you get back in line.

To begin to raise your “egostat” here are three actions you can take:

1. Be aware that factors that you are probably not even aware of have set your ego stat to its current level. Three factors influencing your current mental conditioning are:

A. Others who may hold you back because they want to protect you, or keep the status quo, or because they don’t want you to succeed.

B. A too broad of an interpretation of feedback. Instead of seeing mistakes a feedback for what doesn’t work, you’ve labeled the entire effort as failure and likely given up too soon

C. Careless self-talk. If you keep saying negative things about yourself, you will eventually believe it.

2. Accept that it’s a cause and effect world. Everything you have in your life is the result of a thought and an action that came before it. You will not change the results until you alter the conditions that caused them.

3. See yourself as capable of taking the actions necessary to accomplish your goals. Be clear about the qualities and the actions necessary to achieve the quality results you desire.

Source by Crystal M. Jonas

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