How To Take away Wax From Apples

Can we go away the wax for candles, please?!

Within the Fb video, which has greater than 33 million views, it reveals a strategy to take away wax with sizzling water and lemon. However I used to be actually shocked by the quantity that got here off. A lot in order that I did not imagine it! So I made a decision to check out the hack myself.

Earlier than we start, I want to say that apples truly product their very own wax naturally to scale back moisture loss and preserve them recent, however a variety of that wax will get washed off in the course of the choosing and distributing course of. So some locations add on a coat of edible, artificial wax so as to add shine and make them look extra appetizing to purchase — and the apple trade says it additionally helps shield the produce.

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The FDA permits artificial petroleum wax to be coated on each vegetables and fruit. The wax is innocent to eat, nevertheless it’s simply one other advertising and marketing factor that is not essential, IMO!

Now, let’s get to the experiment! First, you place an apple over a cup after which put it in a bigger pan or bowl to catch the surplus water.

Then, you pour sizzling water over it and squeeze lemon juice excessive so it creates a pool within the higher crevice of the apple.

Subsequent, you pour sizzling water over it once more, supposedly activating the lemon juice to assist take away the wax.

After doing this, it did not appear to make that a lot of a distinction — and I definitely didn’t see a big quantity of wax come off.

Nonetheless, I positively may see a distinction within the cloudiness of the 2 glasses that captured the water coming off the apple (the 2 glasses on the left) when in comparison with the plain water (on the proper).

I used to be completely satisfied that my apples did not have this a lot wax, however I knew they nonetheless had some as a result of I may see it by simply scraping it off with a butter knife:

So I made a decision to attempt to boil the wax off in boiling sizzling water and lemon juice. Straight away, I may see the wax begin to come off:

I did not boil the very prime to see if I may inform a distinction. So, after about three minutes, the apple misplaced a variety of its coloring from being boiled, however I additionally noticed a white line of the wax coating across the prime the place it had come off.

So now we all know that YES, apples have wax. However HOPEFULLY they don’t have as a lot as what was proven in that viral Fb video.

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