How to Renew Your Interest in the Piano

If you are one of the many people that has taken piano lessons and has lost interest in them, then you may be interested in some ways to renew your interest in the piano. There are many ways to get back your interest in the piano and it is definitely worth your time to do so. Music can lift your spirits to new levels in a deep and meaningful way. Look at these ways to create a new interest in playing the piano.

Make a new solid commitment to learn the piano in a new unit of time. The past is the past and it is best left there. Just because piano lessons did not work out for you the way you would have expected them to the first time, does not mean that they will not work out for you this time. Stay positive and focused on a brand new attitude towards learning the piano and you will see new positive results. A new commitment and a new attitude will make all the difference in the world as far as your lessons go.

You should also understand that you probably hit a rough spot during your lessons in the past that made you lose interest in the piano. If you can discover exactly what material you were going through, or what song you were playing at the time, you can examine the problem. When you look at the problem on its own you will be in a much better situation to try and get it resolved. Once you have tackled it and gotten through it the rest of your lessons should go by like a breeze. Try this, even if it doesn't sound like fun, and see the results for yourself.

Another thing you can do when you want to renew your interest in the piano is to find a beautiful song that you absolutely love, and make a commitment to learning how to play it on the piano. Find a song that is not too difficult and at the same time poses some challenge for you. Set up a schedule to learn this song only and forget about anything else you are currently doing on the piano. You can go back to your lessons once you have become more inspired by learning your song. Do not give up learning it until you can play it masterfully. You will feel a new sense of love for the piano and can go back to your lessons with a new attitude.

These are just a few ways you can renew your interest in the piano. Use them well and get moving on your lessons. You really do want to learn and you can with these simple motivational ideas.

Source by Bryan Smitty

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