How to Sing – Yes, Even If You Suck Right Now!

Anyone can benefit from improving his or her singing ability. Whether you want to become a professional singer or just show of for the ladies (believe me girls like men that can sing! Guys like girls that can sing too at least in my opinion… just saying…) you can, singing is a skill not something that you are born with, (there are some that develop the skills at a really young age but that is the exception) and you can start improving no matter how far from singing perfectly you are today. What will dictate how good you become is your effort. This is the key to your success honestly, the amount of practice, research, and energy you put into it the more it pays off. That’s why you need to decide how far you want to go. But if it’s just for fun, do it as much as it’s fun for you.

Now these are the steps!

1. Believe In Yourself: This is extremely important. No matter how good you are or how much you suck, when you sing you have to be proud of yourself and you have to do it for yourself. Stop caring about what people think about you. I know it hurts when someone makes fun of us, but you have the power to decide what is real criticism that you can use to work more at that particular skill, use it at your advantage. And just let go maybe people won’t like to hear you when you are starting out but I promise you that you’ll sound good if you have the drive so don’t give up just keep working on it.

2. Your Voice is Air, BREATHE: Learning to breathe properly is fundamental for every aspect of your voice, and yeah you’re probably not breathing properly (I know, that sucks). The good news is that it’s easy to do, just learn to use your diaphragm. This is hard to explain via text but a Quick YouTube search on “breathing exercises” will give you a free training on the subject (come on don’t be lazy).

3. Expressive = Engaging: Singing is an art form and is meant for you to express yourself. So get immersed in the song, feel it and tell the story (even if the song is about partying, then imagine you are at the best party ever). If you want to sing just for fun, do this because is way more fun like this; bring out the actor/rock star in you and people will listen. Obviously if you choose to be a professional singer this is way more important so never forget it. No matter how good your voice sound if you don’t display emotion with your face and body people won’t be fully engage with you which is the goal isn’t it?

4. Collaborate with other musicians: This is something that I don’t see being advised too much and it should be. Collaborating with a musician can be incredibly fun if that’s the only thing you are looking for or it can be seriously helpful if you want to follow your dreams of being a professional. So if you have a friend that plays and instrument ask them to hang out and jam a little, write a song, cover one, upload a video to YouTube or if you don’t have musicians friends search for them! There are a lot of musicians out there.

5. Vocal Coach: You can find programs online or one near you, from cheap to expensive. You figure out how important it is to you and how much are you willing to invest but it’ll pay off I promise.

There you have it follow this steps and start seeing the difference. Never stop improving your skills and mostly the ones you’re passionate about. Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do… well… for yourself.

Source by Natanael Perez

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