How to Spot Fake Tom Ford Sunglasses

  • Logo inserts: Tom Ford sunglasses have metal inserts placed into the tips of the temple arms. Tom Ford should be etched into the generally gold metal insert. This feature will not be included on many of the fakes in the open market. It is too expensive and timely to reproduce, and many buyers often overlook this detail. However, always check the tips of the temple arms for this feature, any pair that is missing this feature should raise an automatic red flag.
  • Serial Number: This detail is located on the inner temple arm, at the tip, on the inside of the arm, and generally on the left arm. This is not to be confused with the model number, color code, etc that is stamped on the inner temple arm in the middle of the piece. The serial number is tiny, not always easy to see, but is should also be etched into the frame, not printed. Meaning if you run your finger over the tip, you can feel the texture. The sequence will be something like this: LP3159775. This number should also match the number on any of the factory plastic casings and accessories like the Tom Ford box. If the serial number on the inner tip does not match the factory stickers on the plastic or the box, then that is also a red flag.
  • Lens logo: The Tom Ford logo will be also etched into the sunglass lens, usually in the top left corner of the left lens.
  • Nose Piece Logo: Most luxury designers, and even some lesser known brands, stamp their logo on the nose pieces. The nose pieces are the little plastic parts that fix to your nose when you put on the glasses. They are usually dynamic, meaning there is some movement, allowing them to adjust to the diameter of your nose. The logo will be stamped on the face of the plastic, or the metal face that sits inside the plastic. The nose piece stamp should be a Tom Ford “TF” logo, and usually this stamp is reflective in the direct light, often times reflecting gold.

So when purchasing Tom Ford, always look for the logo inserts on the outer temple arm tips, the serial number on the inner tip that matches the number on the factory stickers, the lens logo and the Tom Ford logo on the nose piece. If the glasses have these features, it does not mean that they are automatically real, however, it they are missing one or more of these features, than that is an automatic red flag. Good luck and safe shopping.

Source by Tommy Santini

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