How to Stay Motivated When You Are Fighting Bulimia Or Binge Eating

Motivation is important for overcoming any eating disorder. People with bulimia / binge eating often lack of motivation because of the nature of their illness. They often feel that the only things they like to do are related to food. But this in most cases is an illusion.

Many bulimics feel good when they cook or prepare food but this often leads them to binge the food. This problem can be overcome if sufferers learn to motivate themselves using other motivational methods which are not related to food.

Motivational triggers for bulimics / binge eaters are similar to what normal people use to motivate themselves. The only thing to remember is to keep your motivational triggers away from the thoughts of food, especially in the beginning.

There are many things that can be your motivational triggers. The best motivational triggers are the ones which affect your emotions the most. Some people know the specific things that motivate them. If you haven't found any yet things that specifically motivate you try the ones which are considered to be the most common motivational triggers. They are:

– Motivational / inspirational music and songs
– Going to a nice peaceful environment where you can connect with nature.
– Looking at the art (paintings, sculptures, ikebana etc.)
– Doing sport like activities outside (walking, jogging etc)
– Going into a meditative state and feeling your own vibrations.
– Doing positive affirmation when in a meditative state.
– Writing a diary.
– Any other activities that you LOVE to do.

The list can go on and on and it can be different for everyone. The main thing is to find an activity (other than food) which you LOVE to do.

Discovering your LOVE, following your heart and knowing your inner self is the best way to stop your eating disorder. When you learn to drive your attention away from the food, weight and body image issues to something positive and constructive is when recovery starts to happen.

To discover your LOVE and things that motivate you, you should clear your mind first. The mind of people with eating disorders is filled with negative conditioning. This conditioning stops them from seeing what they really are as people and what they LOVE to do.

The best way to clear the negative conditioning is to meditate. A meditational state is when your mind becomes clear and you feel a connection to your inner self. This has to be your true inner self not the one you may think you have at the moment. A Bulimics inner self is often mixed with their bulimia and they often identify bulimia as being a part of them or a part of their inner self. This is completely false, bulimic thoughts have no place in your true self. You can find and change the bulimic thoughts by doing regular meditation.

To really know your inner self you need to have a clear mind, one without the bulimia thoughts and then ask yourself "Who you are and what you want?" The true answer will follow if your mind is clear, but if your mind tells you it is food and binging then this is false and just the old bulimic thought pattern. So you have to keep trying to get a clear picture.

Specialized meditation can be the first most important thing you can do towards your recovery. Specialized meditation will also keep you motivated because it can clear your mind from the negative bulimic thoughts and help you to find your true self (not the mixed up bulimia / binge eating self). So, meditate regularly and love it, this is the best advice you can give to someone with eating disorder. A clear mind with a clear set of goals and focus is a healthy mind. A mixed up food orientated mind is a unhealthy one.

Source by Irina Webster

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