How To Turn Your Wedding Dress From Drab To Fab

On your wedding day, you should feel special and beautiful, and your dress is a big part of making you feel perfect on the first day of your wonderful journey with your partner. However, you don’t need to spend a painful amount of money on a fancy wedding dress. You can purchase a simple wedding gown that’s within your budget, and get it looking fabulous with just a few accessories and tricks.


You can find affordable wedding belts in most dress shops or by searching online. Wedding belts are a great way to spruce up your simple wedding dress, and when worn at the waist, are very flattering, drawing in your waistline. Wedding belts look great brides with an hourglass figure, however, if your figure is more boyish, wearing a belt with a large flower or accessory on the front exaggerates your figure making you look most elegant.


Wedding jackets can turn a simple dress into a glamorous gown, and work especially well in the colder seasons. The wedding jacket doubles up as a beautiful accessory that keeps you warm at your winter wedding. The great thing about choosing a wedding jacket is that you are not limited to styles, you can make your wedding dress look fabulous in any fashion that suits you. Jackets with puffer shoulders look great on brides with a smaller chest, as it balances out your body. However, jackets come in all shapes, sizes and styles, including sleeved, shoulderless, collared, lace or a poncho.


The wedding veil can add to your dress a great deal as an additional accessory. Even with a simple dress, a more complicated veil can be pulled off to make your dress elegant and timeless. There are a whole array of styles that you can choose from to suit your dress. All you should make sure is that you get the colours as close as possible. You could wear a long tailed veil for a fabulous feel to your day, or a cutesy short lace piece. Whichever style you choose, you can be confident in the knowledge that your wedding dress will no longer be plain and drab.

However you wish to accessorise your wedding dress, make sure you stick to the same styles and colours, and that your make up, jewellery and shoes are also in keeping. You don’t need to spend a small fortune on looking beautiful for your wedding day, so make a few little additions to your simple dress and you can be looking fabulously perfect on your special day.

Source by Hermione J Avila

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