How To Wear Pashmina Shawls With Style

Pashmina shawls are one of the most diverse accessories in any woman's wardrobe and having at least one ready to wear is a must. They are incredibly versatile and can be worn a number of different ways to create different looks. The key however is to make sure you know how to wear pashmina shawls.

As well as being a stylish addition to any outfit, pashmina shawls will also keep you warm on those cold winter nights. They can be used as a wrap around scarf for your neck, shoulders and back or as a chunkier scarf for the neck. Much of the time they are available in vivid colors which will transform even the plainest of outfits.

How you wear your pashmina will say a lot about you. For example, a pashmina worn around the neck and knotted is favored by people working in the cities while a pashmina thrown over a casual jacket is often worn by people who religiously follow fashion. Hollywood celebrities have taken to wearing two pashminas woven into each other to create a multi-colored aspect while those off for a night at the theater or opera commonly wear pashminas as a stole.

For something completely different, it's also possible to use a pashmina as a head scarf or even as a belt or sarong. They are also ideal for nursing mothers as they provide privacy for anyone who needs to nurse their baby in public. As you will see, the options are literally endless. If you have a particular image you want to create, then a pashmina could well help you achieve this.

However, remember that if you do not care for your shawl, it will not last. Hand-washing in cold water is the best way to keep it clean as dry cleaning could be too harsh and washing it in a machine will simply ruin it. Use a mild wool detergent and allow it to air dry. Rolling it in a dry towel will help remove excess water, however make sure it is laid flat after to remove any creases. Once it is dry, a very soft brush can be used to revive the texture.

Once you know how to wear pashmina shawls and how to care for them, you can try mixing and matching with colors and styles. They are the perfect accessory for day or night and are light enough to be stored away in a bag if the weather becomes too warm. If you don't have one, it could be time to go and buy one and get ready for winter in style.

Source by Meryl Rougeaux

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