How You Can Cheer a Girl Up Through SMS

When a girl is upset, whether she is your girlfriend or a platonic friend, you can make use of loving SMS messages to make her more cheerful. However, you must be careful with the way you go about it so that you do not complicate issues.

You can send a message of love to the girl to show that you care for her deeply. Knowing that someone cares can make someone happier and letting her know how you feel about her will go a long way in reassuring her of your love and care.

If she is willing to talk about it, you can try to discover the source of the problem. You should not press for an answer if she is unwilling to discuss the issue with you because pressing for an answer in a situation like this can actually worsen the matter. It is important to take note that texting can take place at a slow, convenient pace in order not to bore her with the messages. If it is possible, you can resolve the conflict and you can send SMS messages that will assist her to overcome the problems.

Furthermore, you can look for good pictures that will be sent to her. Pictures can be very effective and at times, more effective than words. You should look for images that can brighten her up. You can send cute photos, like puppies and kittens, or silly pictures of yourself. The pictures should be uploaded to your phone and you should be aware that standard messaging rates may apply. It is also important to be sure that her phone has the capacity of receiving picture messages so that your goal will be accomplished. The pictures should be sent to her with the hope of making her happier and you can include some motivational or inspiring words to complement the photos.

You can also propose a game, riddle or puzzle through an SMS message. You can come up with something interactive so that her mind will be kept off what is troubling her. There are many games that are ideal for this type of situation such as the text version of the hangman game where she will guess letters until she appropriately guesses the word. However, you should stay away from harassing someone who wants to be left alone and if you discover that an individual is at risk of inflicting harm on herself or others, you should contact a loved one or the authorities.

Source by Shola George Otenaike

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