Humanity Might One Day Be Pressured to Revert to the Primitive Method of Life

On this 21st century, every part is a rat race, every part is a contest, and all people tries to determine his or her hegemony over the others. There isn’t a time for the humanity to face and introspect. On this trendy period, the one yardstick to measure issues is cash. To earn that cash folks work extra, make investments extra, produce extra and eat extra. Something small or average shouldn’t be accepted. Life is price residing solely when it’s lived king measurement.

Economists at all times discuss progress. They advise on how you can formulate appropriate insurance policies to maximise progress. However what’s progress? In easy phrases, progress means growing the manufacturing of the assorted items and providers. Extra manufacturing results in extra employment and extra employment results in extra buying energy and extra buying energy ends in elevated consumption and elevated consumption finally ends in extra manufacturing, making it come full circle.

Okay. All of it sounds good, proper? What’s flawed with extra manufacturing, extra employment, and extra consumption? All of them end in human welfare. To this point so good. However do all of them occur with out exhibiting any undesirable impression on the humanity?

Actually no, if we carefully observe the standard of life we’re experiencing. The High quality Of Life (QOL) is roughly outlined as the final well-being of people and societies. The well-being is measured when it comes to well being, wealth and stability.

As far well being is anxious, the humanity has by no means been so unhealthy. Our life expectancy has definitely gone up, however the form of life we’re main has made us into residing corpses. It will not be an exaggeration to say that every part we eat is both polluted or adulterated. Even tender coconut water and mom’s milk aren’t any exceptions. Researchers discovered a critical dose of pesticide residue in breast milk (round 0.12 mg per kg). All of us really feel that tender coconut water is the most secure liquid for us to drink. Nevertheless, it has been discovered that even it’s not free from the pesticide residue. So the meals we eat the water we drink and the air we breathe – all are polluted. The frequency of our hospital visits has gone up. Newer illnesses are placing the resilience of the humanity to check. Glandular illnesses like diabetes and thyroid dysfunction have elevated manifoldly. Hypertension and coronary heart illnesses are taking pictures up and the well being care business is reaping a bumper harvest.

So far as wealth is anxious, solely a small part of the society managed to amass unbelievable wealth, widening the hole between the haves and the have-nots. The ever-increasing financial inequalities seem to have a significant function to play within the growing social unrest in varied components of the world.

The inhabitants explosion is placing a variety of stress on the pure assets. The industries are extracting the assets indiscriminately to supply extra to satiate the burgeoning demand of the wealthy and the center class. The rising industrialization is contributing to the lion’s share of the air pollution the world is witnessing. The enterprise organizations, particularly the Multi-Nationwide Firms (MNCs), to induce the folks to spend their excessive disposable earnings, are manufacturing varied merchandise, most of them pointless. This consumerism and conspicuous consumption are placing monumental stress on the sustainability of the surroundings and the pure assets. It’s a well-known proven fact that the environmental degradation and pure useful resource depletion will, in the long term, trigger instability each within the societies and the nations.

Our mom earth has sufficient to fulfill the wants of the folks, nevertheless it would not have sufficient to fulfill their greed. Mom earth is sort of a cow. If we take excellent care of it and safeguard it, we will milk it for a very long time and get the nourishment it gives us with. Nevertheless, if we flip grasping and reduce open its udder the cow itself dies. It is extremely clear that the humanity has turned grasping and grossly materialistic. Of their blind pursuit of materialism, they aren’t able to understand the upcoming hazard that’s lurking round.

How lengthy will this unsustainable progress proceed, and the way lengthy will the humanity be capable of tolerate the deteriorated high quality of life? We won’t proceed this unsustainable way of life endlessly and someday the humanity has to cease this rat race and conspicuous consumption.

However what might be the answer to the innumerable issues created by the market-driven financial system?

The one plan of action that seems possible is reverting to the primitive way of life. Primitive life needn’t essentially imply reverting to the Stone Age. The Macmillan Dictionary defines the phrase primitive as “old style, easy, and with out trendy options or comforts”. So the humanity, as an alternative of measuring improvement when it comes to Gross Home Product (GDP), ought to begin measuring it when it comes to Gross Nationwide Happiness (GNH). The GDP strategy solely triggers a rat race that ends in over-exploitation of pure assets and conspicuous consumption, which isn’t sustainable in the long term. Then again, the GNP strategy avoids rat race and ends in constructing a society which prefers easy, need-based and sustainable way of life. Then solely we can go away this mom earth to the longer term generations in a fine condition to allow them to guide completely satisfied and purposeful lives.

Source by Dr. V. Ramachandra Reddy

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