Hypnosis Script "Secret Room" Stop Dieting & Overeating – Break Out of the Vicious Circle

Take a nice, deep breath. Let it out. Let the tension move out of your shoulders and out of your neck. Another nice, deep breath. Good, let this one out, release a little bit more tension. Feel your body beginning to sink. Another nice, deep breath. And on this one, as you exhale let your eyelids become so heavy and so relaxed that they become too heavy to open. Let them melt into your cheeks. Let that feeling in your eyelids melt the tension out of the muscles in your face. So all the tiny little muscles around your eyes relax, becoming heavy. Your jaw relaxing, your neck.

Even inside your moth, your throat relaxing. Now beginning at the very top of your head, right there in the center of the top of your head, you can teach your body to relax. Allow your body to relax, to relax so deeply that you release all the stress, all the tension, any discomfort, releasing any self doubt from your body, and for the next few minutes giving your body permission to relax so deeply that absolutely nothing else matters.

So beginning at the top of your head feel like a warm, soft, soothing liquid is flowing down all around and inside of your head around your scalp as it becomes warm, feeling soft and serene. Down through your face as the muscles just melt, your forehead, your eyebrows, your eyelids, your cheeks and your jaw, your tongue, the back of your throat, your neck and the back of your scalp, your neck and your shoulders. The warm, soft, soothing liquid slowly slides gently down through your shoulders and your arms all the way down to your arms, flowing freely into your fingers.

You can feel that tingle beginning in the very tips of your fingers as you realize this most relaxing warm, soothing feeling is truly reaching into your hands and your fingers as your arms become very heavy, so heavy in fact that they’re beginning to feel as if they’re too heavy, too loose and limp to even move. You can feel every muscle letting go right now.

And now around the base of your spine you notice that that soft, flowing fluid has melted the muscles in your back all the way down to the base of your spine, slowly moving, gently flowing down through your back, around your chest and your abdomen, relaxing those muscles, feeling your abdomen letting go. Down around your hips and beginning to flow slowly down through your thighs as you feel those very large muscles in your thighs relaxing, letting go, limp and loose, letting go. Down through your knees and calves into your ankles and feet. Your body is so good and relaxing so deeply and as you feel that warm, wonderful liquid melting your body you notice that the very bottoms of your feet and the tips of your toes are beginning to feel that tingle and warmth that tells you that your body is beautifully relaxed, so loose and limp and heavy that all discomfort is melted, flowed out of your body. You are completely at peace. Your body is relaxed – this is the natural state of your body, a state in which it will do you no harm but cooperate with you to reach and maintain your perfect weight. Feel this comfort, this natural state of relaxation sinking into every fibre of your body.

Now let your mind begin to relax as deeply as your body and let your mind create the most agreeable, receptive and positive state for making these changes that you’re about to make. So I’d like you to notice that there is a part of your mind, this part of your mind that’s listening to my voice right now, that knows how to help you make these changes, to accept them on every level, to do this in a way that is for your best and for your highest good. This part of your brain is very powerful and amazingly wise. This aspect of your mind has the resources and the wisdom to solve problems easily and effectively. To create new behaviors, new patterns, new habits efficiently and effortlessly.

So isn’t it good to know that as you hear my voice and as my words relax you that your mind becomes open and receptive and ready, and you begin to feel inside of your mind a sound, perhaps your own inner voice agreeing saying yes, I’m ready. So when you’re ready you notice that your mind says yes. Perhaps it’s something you feel perhaps it’s something you hear.There’s a signal that says YES. Just feel that signal right now. YES. Knowing that your mind is open and receptive and ready to make these changes. YES.


So during this session you will agree that you’re going to let yourself go into a deep state of trance and just feel your mind and your body saying YES. You agree that you allow these suggestions to have a profound and lasting effect on the way you think, feel and behave. Feel yourself say YES. You agree that these suggestions and ideas will be deeply embedded in your subconscious mind allowing you to experience them easily, allowing them to be engrained in your body and mind so they can cooperate to make you happy.

Say YES. You agree that you allow your subconscious mind to help you naturally follow these suggestions in your everyday life. Feel yourself saying YES. You agree to allow your inner mind to create absolute mastery in carrying out these new behaviors, attitudes, abilities, and accomplishments. Say YES. Good. You agree that you’ll allow your body and mind and spirit to be in harmony with these changes. Say YES. Good.

Now another deep breath. Take it in. Let it out. Go just a little bit deeper. And begin to allow your mind to float out into that velvety darkness as if that space behind your eyelids is a great expanse of knowledge and wisdom. Everything that you need is there and you float in and out of the colors and the twinkles, feeling as if this velvety darkness is a warm, soft, soothing blanket of wisdom. You are ready to learn. You are ready to change. You are ready to become what you know you can truly be. And you are willing to allow it to be easy. So good to let it be easy.

So now you’ll hear a moment of silence, and during that moment of silence you simply allow your mind to feel that YES I am ready. YES I am ready. YES I am ready.

Let your mind relax and your body relax. In a few moments you’re going to notice that you relax so deeply and your mind opens so willingly that you can heal your body and mind from their constant struggle against weight gain, that you can say good bye to the vicious circle of dieting and overeating. Let your mind begin to open to the possibility that you actually could be happy with your weight every day, that you could be happy with your body all the time, that you could be happy eating a balanced diet without ever feeling the need to diet, or the urge to overindulge. It is possible. So let your body begin to relax. Let the tension melt from your face. Let your eyelids close and sink down into your cheeks and feel that wonderful softness moving through your body gentle and easy. There is absolutely nothing for you to do right now but relax.

Breathe in. And relax. Feel the comfort of knowing that your mind, body, and spirit will make peace with each other. That they will all help you live a healthy, balanced life allowing you to enjoy comfort foods whenever you eat them, but not having to dread them because you will not feel the urge to overindulge. The vicious circle of dieting and overeating will be broken, and you will lead a happy, healthy life and enjoy the daily benefits of a beautiful body and a well balanced diet.

Breathe in. Exhale, and as you relax even deeper now feel every muscle in your body letting go. This wonderful comfort moving through your body as you feel the muscles in your arms and your legs melting. Feel your neck and your shoulders becoming soft. So peaceful. So ready to open your mind and allow mind and body to reconnect with the beautiful core, the beautiful natural body slumbering inside you underneath the constant struggle you have been experiencing. Breathe. Let it go. Let your eyes roll up inside of your forehead as if you’re looking at the inside of your forehead and notice that vast expanse of space right there inside of your forehead and in that space in your forehead there’s an energy center that we call the mind’s eye. That mind’s eye that can see and understand, have wisdom, and intuition. You let your mind drift into the velvety darkness right there in the center of your forehead, perhaps you notice colors twinkles or sparkles. And you allow your mind’s eye to expand now to bring you to this space of healing being able to really let go of your bad eating habits – you can leave behind the urge to diet and the urge to overeat.

So now begin to float through the velvety darkness, moving gently and easily. The colors the twinkles or just the calm in that space of darkness comforts you. You breath and relax, float and drift, and out in the distance you drift to a place you can see it just out there a little ways ahead. It seems to be down there below you, a room of some sort like a very small house with just one room. As you float down closer you notice that there is something very special about this house. There’s windows all around it, and as your feet touch the ground you see that it’s decorated with beautiful colors. There’s a certain glow around it. You have a sense of calm and peace as you peek in the window. Inside of this room in the center of the room there’s a single candle that’s not lit. As you walk to the doorway of this room, this temple, this healing place, this place of perfect balance, you realize that you are about to experience a very peaceful change. About the imbalance you have been experiencing in your body. You are ready to experience this in the most healing and balancing way.

So enter this room. And as you walk around the room you notice that there are things on the walls, on the shelves, mementos, pictures, things that have to do with your eating habits in the past. You see yourself indulge in cookies and milk, already unhappy about your lack of self discipline, unable to even enjoy the taste of these delicious cookies. You see yourself mount the scales and obsessively controlling your weight. You see pictures of healthy meals, caloric values printed on groceries as you count every calorie you are consuming. And then pictures of French fries and other favorite comfort foods.

So you move slowly and thoughtfully around the room. You look at the pictures. You acknowledge the conflict in your relationship with food, the struggles, the difficulties. But at the same time, you notice that all these situations only exist as pictures here, as memories of a distant past. Inside, you already feel disconnected from this past. You have already left this behind, you have left this state of captivity behind. You are no longer a slave of caloric charts and comfort foods. You have started living a balanced life, eating healthy food, and occasionally enjoying comfort foods without regrets, and without the terrible feat of weight gains. Looking at these pictures shows you how well you have developed, how healthy you are now, how well your body and mind are communicating to keep your ideal weight.

Take a deep breath.

And realize that you’ve been weighted down by a terrible burden in the past, a constant struggle you never got a break from, a fight that dominated your mind every day. Realize that it is good that you have left this behind. Feel the freedom you have in your mind now. Feel the natural beauty that has blossomed in your body since you stopped tyrannizing it with the constant shift between dieting and overeating. Set yourself free to find the right balance and continue your journey in life free of worries about your weight. Move all around the room. Look at your past struggles and notice how a smile comes to your face as you realize that you have left this painful reality behind. You have found peace and balance with your body, and your diet.

Now go sit in front of the candle in the center of the room. There’s a soft, fluffy pillow right there. You are ready to move on. You are about to say good bye to your past life forever, to free yourself of the oppressive thoughts about weight and food. From now on, you are going to enjoy your body, and eating will be an enjoyable, guilt free, delicious experience for you. Light the candle now.

This is something that you do for yourself in your own personal way. And as you light the candle, you look into the flame and you say to yourself: I am ready to set myself free, to begin a journey free of oppressive thoughts about weight, a life of balance, feeling free and happy in my body, feeling positive about eating good food because I will only eat enough to feel the joy that it can give me. I am lighting this candle as a symbol of respect for my body, mind, and spirit, and the natural balance they can achieve. I am lighting this candle to illuminate my mind and remember forever that I will not consciously interfere with this balance, that I will not ruin it by dieting or overeating.

Take a deep breath.

Close your eyes in front of the candle as you sit there. And through your eyelids you can still notice the flicker of the flame, the fire, the life right there in that candle flame. It lights the room, and then open your eyes and imagine looking around that room, the images, the pictures, the objects. You are ready to leave your obsessive past behind, live a life of balance and set yourself free. So stand up, walk toward the doorway, and as you stand there in the doorway look around, step out of the doorway, notice there’s a path, a path that extends far, far into the distance. Before you begin on that path, walk around the outside of this room. Stop at one of the windows and look in from the outside. Notice that your past life is in this room. Your struggle with dieting and overeating. Your struggle with your own weight, your own body. And wonder just for a moment as you look inside that window if it would be possible to let all that stay in that room. Go to another window and look at it from another angle. Move around again to another side of the room and look from another angle. And yet another window. The candle is still lit for you it may feel right to keep that candle burning indefinitely to remind you of what you have left behind and overcome. It can stay lit forever if you like. Or for you it may feel best to let that candle flame now be extinguished and forget about your painful past relationship with food and weight. You choose.

Now go to the entryway and face the outside. Notice that path. On the count of 3 you are going to take a wonderful journey. You’re going to take the very first step in setting yourself free, letting go and leaving your obsession with food and weight in the past. You feel an incredible sense of freedom as you leave dieting and overeating behind and embark on a journey in a balanced body and mind, independent of these forces that once ruled your life.

So look back in that room one more time. Say good bye. Look at the path 1.2.3. Take a step. Step out along that path, and another step, another step. Let it go. Set yourself free with every step. Feel the strength, the beauty, the excitement, and the relaxed balance of life. Walk with every step, healing your past, wanting more of life, feeling this wonderful sense of independence, knowing that there is so much more for you now as you feel your eyes open wide, you feel your posture shift so that your shoulders are back, and your head is held high, you feel beautiful, you breathe big, deep breaths of air, you walk so fast now on the path that you feel like you’re almost floating, flying, sensing the freedom of a life and a body that are truly yours.

You create this life. Floating, flying, sensing the wonder and the curiosity of what you can experience now. You truly set yourself free now, living the life that you love with every step. Every step you feel the freedom. Every step you feel the beauty you have gained simply by letting go and accepting your body and mind as they are, working together for your own best interest, giving you a beautiful body, and allowing you to enjoy food. Set yourself free. Love your life again. Love your body. Love your life. So good to know that you can let go. Let go. Let go.

Let go. Let Go. Let go.

And as you float out into the future of your life, go to a moment that is 3 months in the future. Out there on that path there’s a moment in time that you will notice at 3 months in the future and your feet touch down right there right here, and at 3 months in the future, notice how you feel now, how you have a beautiful body and never feel the need to diet or the urge to eat comfort foods. How much better you feel. The memories are there, but you feel a sense of strength and balance.

Now go forward on that path even further, go 3 more months into the future, all the way through the months go 3 months, so now you’re 6 months ahead. And notice at 6 months how you feel. Your mind is clearer you rarely think about dieting or comfort foods anymore. You feel light, free, and beautiful. Your diet is well balanced without having to think about it. Notice how you feel at 6 months. That you really have resolved your internal conflicts. You have an amazing sense of who you are now as an individual. Your body is beautiful, and your mind is at ease with your body.

Now float even further into the future, through even more months, days, weeks, all the way to 1 year in the future. Float now all the way on that path into the future to where you’re 1 year in the future. And when you get to that point at 1 year in the future, you’ll feel your feet touch down right there. Your feet are solid on the ground. Now imagine that you can actually turn and look back on the last year. You notice the path that has been your journey the entire year.

And you reflect back on the things you learned how you were able to let go how you were completely resolved the old issues that you have almost forgotten that you have ever had problems concerning your eating habits, or problems with your weight, or with your body. You remember it if you think back to it – you remember a candle that is still burning in a little room where you once said good bye to your bad eating habits. But now your mind is open and clear. Your mind is bright and illuminated. It is giving your body space to regulate itself, maintain a healthy weight, and stay beautiful. You’re able to live your life with your own thoughts, with the joy, the beauty, and the happiness that you deserve.

So notice this feeling that you have now 1 year in the future that you realize that it was OK to never diet again. That saying good bye to dieting also dissolved your cravings for comfort foods. Notice what it feels like at this moment in the future to have disconnected from the obsession with food that once ruled your life. Notice this profoundly renewing feeling that you have. Breathe it in right now and expand that feeling. Breathe it in again. You feel so good now, so beautiful, so relaxed, and so well balanced. And now you know the magic is going to begin.

In a moment I’m going to ask you to bring this feeling right now from right here 1 year into the future, this feeling of renewal to your body, your mind and your spirit in the present moment. So I’ll count to 3 and just let this feeling come all the way back to where you are right now, wherever you’re sitting, or relaxing, or reclining and let it fill your spirit, your heart, your mind, and your soul, so that now you have that feeling of being beautiful, relaxed, and balanced, of being at peace with your weight, your body, and with everything you eat. Ready?

Breathe it in again. Right here at one year in the future – If you can feel this good 1 year in the future you can feel this good today. You can. Ready? 1 – 2 – 3. All the way back in this present moment. Feel it in this present moment. Breathe it in. It’s normal for you to feel this free and this light. You have let go of your obsession and healed your body and mind. Breathe. Feel it in your mind. Your body. Your spirit. Put your hands in the center of your chest. Both of your hands one on top of the other right now and breathe.

I set myself free. Free to live a life that I love in a body that I love, eating food that I love, and feeling great about it. I was obsessed with food and weight once, but now seems like so long ago.I allow myself to disconnect from this vicious cycle, to let it go and set myself free. Every day I love myself more and allow myself to live independently and honor the healthy relationship between my body and mind. I allow myself to relax about it and stop trying to lord over them and their development. I nurture my spirit and honor my soul. I love myself more every day.

Now relax. Sleep and dream, and as you do you will release and resolve in a comfortable, calm, peaceful way any remaining conflicts or issues. You may resolve them during dreaming gently and peacefully.

When you awaken in the morning you’ll awaken with a profound sense of renewal. You will feel the amazing sensation of having disconnected from your obsession with food, from both dieting and overeating. Now, you are finally free. Free to let your body find beauty and keep it alive naturally.

When you awaken in the morning, you’ll feel that you have set yourself free, free to live a life that you love, in a body that you love, and have a healthy, natural, balanced relationship with food. Breathe it in again and sleep deeply tonight. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

Source by Cheetu Jaisinghani

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