I spoke to experts on authoritarian rule about Trump’s behavior this week. They say 2020 could be our last free election : politics

I totally agree. I consider myself a highly sceptical individual and while I am well aware of everything going on, it’s sometimes hard not to believe that everything will work out in the long run. I sometimes find myself sceptical that we are on the brink of full-fledged authoritarianism, but it’s also very difficult to ignore all of the signs.

My guess is that a lot of average people are in the same situation I am in: they don’t support Trump, but since things have historically always “fixed themself”, they are skeptical that things won’t be righted this time around.

I think this is why I am most fearful of normalization of this administions behavior. Average people, who consider the idea that we are approaching authoritarianism a conspiracy-driven way of thinking, will continue to grudgingly put up with this administions behavior because there is a pervasive belief that in America, the bad guys always get caught and good will prevail.

If Trump wins this next election, I fear 4 more years of normalizing fascism and authoritarianism and oligarchy and right-wing nationalism will leave our government too broken, and the people too powerless, to do much about it. Not to mention that real effect of Trump continuing to gut funding to things like social programs and education.

I consider myself a progressive – A democratic socialist. During the days of Occupy Wallstreet, I was out marching in the streets. It’s difficult for me to explain or understand why progressives, and even moderate Democrats, are not out and about protesting now. My guess is that things aren’t bad enough yet to effect the average person or it has something to do with what I said above.

For me personally, my wife and I are in a lot of debt, have a kid, and are spending most of our time working to pay the bills. Maybe people are sitting idley by simply because they are trying to stay afloat and dont have time to get more involved. Perhaps income inequality, stagnation of wages, and the cost of living/surviving have led to a situation where the average person feels too overwhelmed with life to protest or get more involved.

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