I will write/rewrite an article of 400/700/1K words – relevant, semantic, Copyscape-passed content for $3

I will write/rewrite an article of 400/700/1K words – relevant,semantic,Copyscape-passed content

Hello, I am Brendan and study Information Systems (and Creative Writing+German language minors) in the UK. I am a native speaker, and it is the next step for me challenge my writing skills in the real world and hopefully make some impact through my writing (and why not, while earning some cash on the side).

You can expect impeccable quality in the writing. Thanks to studying both the technical (algorithms, knowledge and intuition about how Google works) and Creative Writing, you can expect something that looks good to both people reading it, and of course, to Google as well!

That is, cheap and fast (at least when I don’t have too many exams ;) content, that really makes a difference, with rare quality at this price point! Whether content is King or not, you need backlinks to get visitors, but through good content, you can retain them and get much more value.

For a small cost you can give us a try and you will find lots of value in the long term! Looking forward to working with you and hearing your honest reviews.

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