Ideas… Articles… Books… The Power Of Words

Ideas… The starting point of all achievement. Ideas can

lead to new directions in your thinking, business, or life.

Ideas can lead you to express your new ideas in written

articles. Many times, these articles are the starting point

for books. Even great books!

Articles and books give you… the writer, credibility.

Articles by the thousands have been written about any

subject you can think of. Where do these articles come


They come from your thousands of every day thoughts and


Think of the thousands of ideas you have each day. From

these ideas you could write dozens of articles. You’re

limited only by your imagination and belief.

Articles can easily become books. Books change lives, and

spark new ideas and new books.

Ideas are the starting point. From ideas… articles and

books unfold in dramatic ways. Imagine the articles,

stories, fiction and non fiction that started with an idea

and developed into an absorbing, exciting book or movie.

Books become words to inspire other readers and writers to

new ideas, more articles, and more books.

Books like paintings and other fine art become more


over time.

Many important books, out of print, are more valuable today

than when first written. Some out of print books sell for

hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Books that once sold

for just a few dollars are now worth a small fortune.

What’s old is new… and what’s new is old… The new ideas

of today can be found in many books written before 1923,

they are now in ‘Public Domain.’

New ideas produce a direct change in the life of the person

writing about the idea. At the same time imagine what

happens to people reading the new ideas. It can move them


new directions, and change their life. Another example of

the Power of Words.

Many of the motivational books are an example of this. The

basic theme of each is the same, yet each have their own

individual twists, special titles that grab a readers

interest. And… the book turns into a best seller.

You get a new idea, you’re motivated to write an article or

series of articles… You may put your articles together as

a book, inspiring others to do the same thing. This repeats

over and over, demonstrating the Power of Words!

Source by Bill Parks

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