If You Drink Green Tea, Body Fat Will Disappear

You might be thinking, so it I just drink green tea, body fat will magically disappear. Well, it might seem like magic, but there is a very good reason why green tea will help you to lose body fat. The first reason is that it contains a little bit of caffeine and the other reason is because of it’s dominant antioxidant which is EGCG.

Green Tea does contain caffeine, so it will help boost your metabolism. In addition to boosting your metabolism, caffeine will help to curb your appetite so you won’t feel as hungry. So now your metabolism is burning calories more efficiently and you aren’t putting as many calories in, so that is the first reason why when you drink green tea body fat will start to go away. But if this was the only reason then why wouldn’t you just drink black coffee which has more caffeine, which leads us to our next reason.

EGCG, or epigallocatechin gallete, is the dominant antioxidant, but there are many other types, so research is not entirely sure if it is the EGCG or the other ones. Since EGCG is the dominant one, they believe it to be that one. What happens when you drink it, your body will go into thermogenesis, which means your body is releasing more energy. The caffeine just adds to this process so that you will be burning more calories. Then it also is known to provide more endurance, so that you will be able to burn calories longer.

With more calories being used up, that are burned more efficiently, and can be burned longer, when you are drinking green tea body fat won’t stand a chance. Plus there are so many additional health benefits there can only be good things coming when you drink green tea. So why don’t you go boil up some water, and get a bag of tea ready.

Source by Tyler D Williams

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