iGeeKid [SIM Card Included Smart Watch GPS Tracker for Kids – IP67 Waterproof Smartwatch Phone for Boys Girls – LBS/GPS Tracker Locator Watch with SOS Call Voice Chat Camera Games for Birthday Gifts

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Product Description


iGeeKid Smartwatch is not only essential for parents, but also fun for kid with its interactive features to keep kids positively engaged.It combines calling, GPS tracking, and fun games into one simple device. iGeeKid Smartwatch anticipates what families need in order to keep connected. Not all kids are ready for smartphones yet. With iGeeKid Smartwatch, kids can lead an active childhood while parents can enjoy the security of knowing that they are safe.


The Main Function:

✔ Two-way Call ✔ Voice Chat ✔ GPS+LBS Positioning

✔ Emergency SOS Mode ✔GPS Tracking ✔Monitoring

✔IP67 Waterproof ✔ Camera ✔ Learning Games ✔ Alarm Clock

✔ Remote Voice Monitoring ✔ Remote Camera ✔ Low Battery Alarm

✔ Reward of Love Icon ✔ Find Watch ✔ Class Mode



●Color – Pink / Blue / Black

●GSM – 850/900/1800/1900 four frequency band

●Size – 48*40.5*14.3 mm

●Waterproof – IP67

●SOS: Support

●Material: Soft silicone

●Charging time: 3 hours

●Standby time: 5-7 days

●Camera: Support

●Screen: 1.5-inch color touch screen

●APP support: Android, iOS





Two-way Call

iGeeKid Smartwatch can make and receive calls from a preset list of contacts. Kids can scroll through their contact list and call mom with just one touch. Making and receiving calls has never been more fun and easier for kids!

Emergency SOS Mode

Moreover, When in emergency, kids can press the SOS key for 3 seconds to call for help in 2 rounds, until answering by the families’ numbers.

Positioning Function

iGeeKid Smartwatch uses a combination of GPRS + GPS + LBS technology to allow you to conveniently track your child’s location directly from the “Setracker2” App. There’s nothing more important than the peace of mind you get from knowing that your kids are safe.


With a build-in camera on this watch , kids can take fun pictures and selfies. (Tips: The watch can only save one picture, when saving the new one, it will cover the former picture automatically.)

Class Mode

When kids at school or class, parents don not needs worry about the watch will bother children study. The “Setracker2” App allows you to remotely deactivate certain features on your child’s Watch at set times with Class Mode. SOS features will remain activated on Class Mode to ensure your child’s safety.


Not sure which SIM card to get for Kids Smartwatch ? We’ve got you covered! We will provide you a Speedtalk SIM Card for FREE !

You don’t need to spend extra time and money (about 10-15 dollar ) buying another uncertain SIM card. With the Speedtalk SIM (Under T-Mobile Network), you don’t need to get expensive phone plans from your carriers. The monthly call plan costs as low as 5 dollar, saving you unnecessary expenses.

We make sure this SIM card is compatible with this smart watch and we provides the most professional and accurate VPN parameters and setting codes, so that you can quickly set the watch. You don’t have any risk of wrong SIM Card or Contract Plan.

You can check whether the local area supports 2G network according to the network coverage map. If your area not supports 2G network, please do not purchase this model.

Support TRANSFER/PORT IN. You don’t need to change a new number, because it can support your child’s existing phone number.

Support worldwide network services, such as North America, Europe, etc. You only need to open “International Plan” to use this SIM card globally, so your child does not need to change the SIM card carriers. When you travel with your child abroad, you can still use our watches and SIM cards.

Therefore, choose our iGeeKid Smart Watch that you can pay the same or less cost to get more value.

Other sellers WITHOUT a SIM card

✖ It takes extra money to purchase a SIM card

✖It’s wasting your time if you buy the wrong SIM card

✖Other sellers need you to set any complicated setting(maybe not accurate)

✖ Other sellers can’t provide the most helpful advice and service because it can’t predict the

regional network coverage.

✖Others does not support global services.

✖You need to change a new number to use the new watch.




Signal Coverage Query

You need check whether the local area supports 2G network according to the network coverage map. If your area not supports 2G network, please do not purchase this model.
Please check the SIM card network service in your area, from: www.speedtalkmobile.com/coverage

2 Easy Ways To Activate

SpeedTalk Service at 1-310-707-0000

Make sure to enter the SIM card number (located at the back of the SIM card)

How to Use

Step 1 – Activated the sim via your phone, be sure the sim has opened with voice and data plan, no PIN code.
Step 2 – After the watch turned on, try call the watch SIM number, check it can be call in.
Step 3 – Download the “setracker2”, registered as *North America user.
Step 4 – Scan watch back Reg ID to register.
Step 5 – Into app, check the map whether can located the position.

(If the map shows device offline, please using your phone text message send below command to watch.

For speedtalk

pw,123456,apn,mobilenet,,,310260# )

Step 6.Test in App.For more details, please follow our user manual before you use.

Smart Chip Protection Battery

The battery automatically recognizes disconnection when it is overheated. It is safer.

Ours Services

If you are not satisfied with our products, or If you meet some problem in setting the watch, please ask us for help. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We will make a reply in 24 hours to help you to solve the problem.

🎁GPS + LBS Positioning Smart Watch & FREE SIM Card – Kidaily kids smart watch send a FREE SIM card [SPEEDTALK] as a GIFT. You will pay same or less cost to get more value. GPS LBS positioning function means double safety for kids,When kids are outdoor, Parents can track children’s real-time location through the App “Setracker” app. Don’t miss this belong to the child’s own private smart phone watch. Best gift for kids with pretty box.
💦IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch Phone – The watch uses advanced waterproof design of IP67 so that you don’t need to worry about the watch will be damaged while the kids washing or bathing or swimming. STAINLESS steel surface, Precision laminating process, Nano TPU85 material strap, Anti-sweat translucent surface treatment ergonomic convex design and soft strap which make wearing more comfortable.
🆘SOS Call & Remote Voice/Camera Monitor – When kids in danger, press the long on the SOS Key for 3 seconds, it will call 3 phone numbers for SOS calls alternatively in 2 rounds until someone answers the phone on APP alarm notification. Set the voice / camera monitor in App, the watch will automatically answer or turn on the camera without remind. So the parents can hear the children secretly/Observe the environment of your child.
🕹5 Puzzle Games & Silent Mode in the Class – This watch including 5 kids puzzle games, healthy content, children can play them to exercise their brain thinking of logical, ability of hand-eyes coordination. Parents can set the forbidden time while class time during the week day.The watch features are not available except SOS function when the kids is in class time to ensure the normal order of the school, so don’t worry children play game excessively.
🌈⌚Multi-Function Watch For Kids – It just like a smart phone, it support Two-Way Call, GPS +LBS positioning, SOS emergency call, IP67 Waterproof, Activity Tracking, Voice Chat, Camera, Remote Voice Monitor, Clock, 5 puzzle game, etc. Parents can Control and set The watch through the APP. Kidaily provide 100% warranty. If you have any problem, please contact us,we will be reply in 24 hours.

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