I’m Jess Scarane, candidate for U.S. Senate in Delaware. I’m running to replace Senator Chris Coons, a conservative corporate Democrat who favors corporations over people, enables Trump’s agenda, and works to block the progressive policies voters want. AMA. : politics

I live, work, and volunteer in Wilmington, Delaware, a city that suffers from highly concentrated racial and wealth inequality. For years, I worked within the system to make her city and state better: I tutored and mentored young students, served on the board of a local nonprofit that runs after-school programs for Delaware girls, and lobbied my elected officials to support policies that would prioritize the needs of people, not the profits of corporations and special interests. I am running for office because our current system does not work for the majority of people. I believe that everyone deserves a good education, healthcare, a place to call home, and clean air and water. I am running for Senate to guarantee a dignified standard of living for all through Medicare for All, a homes guarantee, universal public education from Pre-K to trade school and college, workplace democracy, ending mass incarceration, and a Green New Deal. Instead of valuing bipartisan compromise that harms the most vulnerable and exacerbates racism and inequality, I will fight for policies that improve the lives of hardworking Delawareans so we can build a state and country that works for all of us. I’m refusing all corporate PAC money and championing a grassroots campaign that engages volunteers and voters who feel unrepresented by our current Senator and the system he works to maintain. Visit my website at jessfordelaware.com

Proof: https://i.redd.it/nvinzyqh2ej41.jpg

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