I’m Motivated! Now What?

Have you ever found yourself totally motivated? Have you been so excited about something you have done or you were going to do that you were so full of energy? What about when you were reading a book or heard a quote or sermon? Where did all of your energy go? Did you do something about that motivation or did you just hold it all in? Did someone else benefit from what you learned and what you were so excited about or did you keep it for yourself?

When we get motivated from whatever…either self motivation or others motivating us, that is our cue to do something. It may as simple as writing the feelings down and capturing them. It may be getting out and talking and encouraging others. It may be helping someone with whatever they need. The key is that we get motivated, we need to get busy!

Motivation is our internal self telling our external self to get busy. Some people sing. Some people work out. Some people read. Whatever ever motivates you, use that to fill a need for someone else. Writers get motivated by an idea or a concept and they begin to write. What they write may be something they learned and want to share, but sometimes when others write they are helping themselves better understand things.

Those who play sports are motivated by action. They play sports to entertain others who watch. The spectators are motivated by watching and hoping their team wins. Watching the game feels good because it is a relaxing time and there is an anticipation of something good about to happen.

There is bad motivation and good motivation. We want to focus on the good motivation so that we can make a difference in other people’s lives. Some people who feel strongly about a cause are motivated to share the concern, raise money by having fundraisers and even get out and helping people who need it.

The secret is to not sit to yourself when you are motivated. Share what you have with others. It can be contagious!

Source by Frances Copeland Lucas

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