I’m Stephanie Taylor, activist, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), and mom of 3 kids under 3. I also just published a children’s book, I Can Change Everything. AMA!

I’ve been an activist for two decades. I worked as a union organizer in Appalachia, and later co-founded the Progressive Change Campaign Committee ( BoldProgressives.org ). We have over a million members, and I lead a team that has supported over a thousand local, state, and federal candidates. We ran the Draft Elizabeth Warren for Senate effort in 2011, and were the first national organization to endorse Warren for President. I also just published a book for kids to help them build a better world, available from Strong Arm Press. You can find me on Twitter @StephanieTaylor. (I’m pretty bad at Twitter, but I try.) I love to talk about raising activist kids, the state of progressive politics, and labor organizing in America.

Proof: https://i.redd.it/urhu5rm159441.jpg

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