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How to Impress a Girl

Have you ever wondered why so many women fall all over themselves whenever they see Brad Pitt of Johnny Depp? Well, you shouldn’t because it’s actually pretty obvious. Both of them are famous, good-looking, and rich. If you’re reading this article in hopes of learning how to impress a girl, then chances are great that you’re neither famous nor rich and that not even your good looks have helped you in the dating scene lately. Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

The first thing I am going to share with you is not really a secret. It’s just something men often find difficult to believe. Here’s the good news: Even if you aren’t rich and famous, you CAN learn how to impress a girl and it’s not even that difficult. Now, here’s not-so-good news: If you consciously try to impress a woman, then you probably won’t. Why is this so? When you try to impress women, you’d act differently from how you normally would, right? Well, a woman sees this as being pretentious – a trait that is more than a little unattractive.

To illustrate, think about this common observation: A lot of guys try to impress girls by giving them expensive gifts and taking them out on expensive dates. So, how come these men are almost always a failure in the dating scene? That is because women know that money and fame are fleeting. Furthermore, their gestures send out the unspoken message that they probably consider fame and fortune more important than the woman herself. You’d be better off showcasing those personal attributes that last a lifetime.

It is said that the people we encounter in our daily lives (yes, this includes attractive women) judge us by how we present ourselves in three ways: how we look, what we say, and how we say it. Because men are attracted physically, the first category would be most important if we wanted to impress men. But, because you want to learn how to impress a girl, you need to remember that women are attracted emotionally. This means that what you say and how you say it are more important than how you look. Let’s see how you can work on being successful at each category:

What You Say

This category involves learning the best topics to talk about when you are with a woman as well as the topics you should avoid if you really want to impress a girl. Some of the best topics are:

– Anecdotes – Women love a good sense of humour in a man. So, think about the funniest experiences you’ve had and practice sharing them in an interesting way. You can practice the delivery in front of a mirror or on unsuspecting friends.

– Her – As the Dalai Lama once said: “Sometimes someone creates a significant impression by remaining silent.” So, give the girl a chance to talk about herself and when she does, be sure to listen attentively. A woman loves knowing that a man is interested in really getting to know her and not just in getting her into bed with him. Being interested is definitely something women find both attractive and impressive.

– Your dreams and life goal – Of course, you can’t just listen to her all night! There will come a point in the conversation when the woman will realize that you’ve allowed her to talk about herself for most of the conversation. She will then want to know more about you. Well, tell her briefly about your work and how this figures in your overall plans for your future. This lets her know that you are a man with purpose and direction in life.

Now, here are the things you should avoid whenever you spend time with a woman:

– Offensive Humour – Sure, women love a sense of humour, but you have to set some limitations. For example, you may find Chris Rock’s racial jokes very entertaining, but they’re definitely NOT good material for a date conversation.

– Inside jokes between you and your friends – This really doesn’t need much elaboration. They’re called inside jokes for good reason, so keep them that way.

– Religion and Politics – These topics almost always result in argument, and that’s something you definitely don’t want to have with a woman, especially on a first date.

– Science fiction or anything that may come off as dorky – Unless you know for a fact that science fiction is a common interest that you and the woman have, it is best to stay away from such a topic. The last thing you want is to come across as a boring geek. You might think this topic will help you project an image of intelligence. Trust me, it won’t.

– Past girlfriends – Do you really have to ask why this is a definite no-no? Well, if she does ask about your past relationships, of course you need to give an honest answer. Just make sure that you talk about your exes respectfully and that you keep your answers as short as possible.

– Yourself – Of course, you’ll have to share a little about yourself in the course of the conversation. But, bear in mind that talking about yourself too much will translate into bragging, which will only succeed in making you look insecure. Even if you DO own a yacht, don’t talk about it as if it is so much more special than she is.

How You Say It

Remember that none of the suggested topics above will ever work unless you know how to deliver them properly. Even the funniest story can sound totally corny with bad delivery. Likewise, even the corniest jokes can have women roaring with laughter if you know how to deliver punch lines perfectly. Here are some tips to improve your manner of speaking:

1. Avoid excess words and details. If you’re telling a woman about your recent trip to Cancun, you don’t have to include minute details such as the kind of food they served on the plane. That will only succeed in boring her to death. Stick to the highlights of your trip to make it sound more interesting.

2. Learn how to use silence to your advantage. When you’re telling a story, nothing works best in delivering the punch line than the so-called “power pause”. It makes the woman anticipate your next words while taking in the meaning of the entire story at the same time.

3. Use drama and comedy. Don’t be afraid to add a little dramatic or comedic flair to your story. When relating a funny incident, infuse your voice with a hint of laughter to encourage the woman to laugh along. Likewise, if you’re sharing a story of bravery and valour, fill your voice with conviction and suspense. Women love listening to great and wonderful stories and inflecting your voice with the right emotion helps make the story more real and interesting for any woman.

4. Use body language. While voice inflections can go a long way towards making a story more interesting, it’s not really enough to hold a woman’s interest. You have to learn how to use the right gestures to create a sense of excitement. Remember that enthusiasm is contagious, so change your pitch and move your arms and hands from time to time in order to build enthusiasm. A higher pitch is perfect for sharing funny stories and a lower pitch for more intimate moments.

How You Look

Just because I said that women are attracted emotionally, it doesn’t mean you can look like a dirty slob in torn clothes and still hope to impress women. After all, both looks and personality DO matter to both sexes. The only difference is that with women, looks usually come at the bottom of the list. Your appearance, especially the clothes you wear, tells women a lot about you. In fact, they can look at your clothes and immediately get an idea as to whether you care about your looks or not. Here are a couple of tips on how you can dress for success in the dating scene:

– Get your sister or a close female friend to help you pick your clothes. If you don’t already know how to impress a girl with your clothes, then who better to ask for help than a woman herself? If you reward your sister or friend with a gift certificate so SHE can go shopping for herself, she will surely be a lot more motivated to help you look your best on your next date.

– Wear clothes that conform to your personality. When you choose your clothes, don’t just go for what’s currently hot in the market. Rather, go for what makes you feel comfortable and looks good on you as well. If you’re the hardworking, corporate type, than go for more formal clothes that accent your choice of career. If you’re a sporty type, go for a more casual and laid-back attire. You can’t force a certain clothing style on yourself, as this would just make you more fidgety and might even make it seem as if you’re trying too hard to make an impression.

– Keep your clothes clean and in good shape. Whatever clothing style you choose for yourself, be sure to go out ALWAYS with clean and well-pressed clothes. Going casual doesn’t mean sporting torn and dirty clothes. Even if you’re the type of guy who has a slightly rebellious image, your clothes should still be stain-free.

Aside from your clothes, your hair is also an important aspect of how you look. And just as you should wear clothes that conform to your personality, your haircut should also do the same. Corporate types look better clean shaven and with short hair. On the other hand, the sporty type would do well with a little facial hair and a less austere cut.

So, now you know how to impress a girl by making the necessary adjustments in how you present yourself. By adhering to the principles discussed above, you’ll soon be pleasantly surprised to find yourself getting an increased amount of interest and appreciation from more women. What’s best is that even the woman you are particularly interested in will be so much more impressed with and attracted to the new you.

By learning what you should say on your interactions with women and how you should say it, you are in effect learning how to place more value on yourself and refrain from considering yourself inferior to any woman. At the same time, by learning how to present yourself physically you are also subtly telling a woman that she is important enough for you to take the time to look good for her. Now that you’ve recognized the power of speech and appearance, it will definitely be much easier to get women to like you and attain more success in the dating scene.

Of course, all the tips and techniques discussed herein are merely tools for you to use in learning how to impress a girl. It is your job to make these tools work to your advantage. No matter what we say and how much time you spend reading about the most effective ways to impress women, it won’t work unless YOU make it work. And making it work requires time and a great deal of effort. Furthermore, you need to remember that while you strive to follow the guidelines and master the techniques we have outlined for you, you should continue to be genuine and authentic in your interactions with women. The advice, “Be yourself” may sound clichéd, but it works all the time.

As a final note, the necessary first step towards impressing women is for you to believe our earlier statement: Even if you aren’t rich and famous, you CAN learn how to impress a girl. Once you do, you’ll be well on your way towards becoming the kind of guy that women naturally find both impressive and irresistibly attractive. Good luck!

Source by Javier Goodridge

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