Indian Rupee Symbol Historical Significance, Identification Features & Design

The good news of rupees to get a new icon has been long awaited true, since July 15, 2010, we have our new identity. This innovation made India join the elite club badge and symbol of pride with some of the most respected currencies in the world. The combination of the Roman alphabet writing devanagiri represents a blend of Indian culture and world culture, which requires the attention of the league in running the world.

India as one of the leading creators and leaders of the traders, and consequently had a wide range of currencies throughout history. There is much historical evidence to show that the first coins were made somewhere between 2500 and 1750 BC. However, the date of the first documented pieces century BC to the 7th / 6th century AD.

What is the symbol says:

Rupee is the name given to the official currency used in several countries such as India, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Mauritius, Maldives and Indonesia. Of all the countries mentioned above, the Indian rupee is the most important value, preference and popularity.

Indian rupee trade has a long history, antiquity was a true reflection of the common security of the man. Our motto has been made all the metals, copper and aluminum, each of different size. With the advent of printing technology, new models guaranteed parameters become increasingly important to our currency. Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi currency notes reflect the values, principles that India respected around the world, patience and tolerance. The new symbol of the value of "Bharat" and "New Age of India", a term raised by the population million people. This is the beginning new symbol, the most interesting factor is the brand "India" on the following link, reiterating the fact that the largest democracy in the world. This is not an exercise of the mark, but the relevance of training on cultural diversity at its best high.

While the world is limps back to normal, was the Indian financial system need to reinvent themselves and the draft question, to show financial strength, technical assistant to the Tsar of culture in the world on world markets. After the open economy has become the toast of the town, India has taken action at all levels to update the progress of growth on all fronts as possible. That identity has certainly touched on different levels and we do travel around the world head held high and proudly Thenot Flash. bold statement by Ms. Ambika Soni, Minister of Information and Broadcasting, clearly reflect the joy and honor of India has finally entered a new stage in its illustrious history. Ms. Ms. Soni also said that state governments will be printed to promote the use of new Rupee symbol prevents use. The sergeant was better to see the currencies of countries that Indian currency is also known as rupees rupees, or, like Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, he added.


Experts of the software industry believe that the adoption of new rupiah symbol may take up to 18-24 months. Initially, the new symbol must be included in the standard Unicode – encoding an international conspiracy to use to identify the characters. Indian icon also include Standard – France writing code for Information Interchange (ISCII). ISCII code indicates the treatment of various Indian languages ​​on computers with keyboards. After encoding Unicode the symbol national standard, Nasscom will have access to software development companies to integrate its software rupee symbol, as a new plan or update. This will allow users of computers around the world use the symbol, even if he lost in keyboards. (As a symbol rate, which did not fit with the keyboard used in India)

Deploying a new identity – Inauguration:

The new "R" icon is ready for launch in 18-24 months. Pride and respect and not just rest with D. Udaya Kumar, IIT Bombay, but with many Indians always happy to show their patriotism in bright colors. When this symbol in practice, full implementation is the conversion processing thorniest problems. Despite the assassination of the minister arrived, but the official launch will be delayed with the benefits that must be resolved. Opening of the symbol is sure to end the conservative approach of the Indian economy and the world to understand that if the rate $ known, the most common international currency, and R is the rupee will overwrite your browser does not support display of this image. valuation rules.

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