Indium Supplements – Discover What Indium is Used For and the Best Food Sources

Indium is a mineral that has only recently been regarded as essential for human health. For the longest time, indium was thought of as an element that did nothing for the human body and was thus a non-essential mineral.

So how did this thinking change? Read on to know more.

Minerals are present in the soil and from there they get absorbed into the plant and animal foods that we eat. But with the increasing pollution levels in today’s world, and the use of unhealthy practices in farming, the quality of the land and soil is getting worse by the day.

Because of this, many minerals are being lost in the soil, and hence not getting absorbed into the food chain. One such trace mineral is Indium.

Generally, the importance of any mineral for human health is determined by how abundant it is in our bodies and the food chain.

Thus, minerals such as indium that are not present in foods (as a result of being poorly absorbed into the food chain) were regarded as non-essential for human health. But recent research has shown that indium could be a very important mineral for the overall well being of our bodies.

What Is Indium Used For

Even though indium is not very plentiful in the body, and is needed in very tiny amounts for your health, it still plays a very important role in the human body.

The main function that indium performs is to enhance the absorption and the efficiency of other minerals such as copper, chromium, manganese, zinc etc, which have always been considered as essential minerals for your health.

Although not a whole lot is known about this very rare mineral (indium being the seventh rarest minerals of all), it is becoming clearer every day that indium can prevent many health problems, serious ones included, in the human body.

A lack of indium can cause as many as 35-40 different health problems, which can easily be prevented by ensuring that you are not deficient in indium.

Whether these health concerns are alleviated because of the direct action of indium, or because of the increased action of other minerals that indium helps to absorb, is not very apparent. Regardless, it can be said without any doubt, that indium is in fact a mineral that cannot be relegated to the status of non-essential any longer.

Sources of Indium

Food and supplements are two major sources of any essential minerals. But where indium is concerned, you can only get indium from man made supplements as indium is not present in any plant or animal foods.

Because indium is not soluble in water, and as the soil is becoming deficient in essential minerals, it has become one of the rarest minerals and is completely absent from the food chain. So, your only remaining source of indium is artificial supplements.

Forms of Indium Supplements

Indium supplements are available in two basic forms:

1. Liquid Indium

2. Indium tablets

Indium is best taken as a part of a complete vitamin and mineral herbal supplement, as that way you can rest assured hat you are also getting enough of the other essential minerals, which indium helps to absorb.

What To Look For In An Indium Supplement

1. As indium is a very rare mineral, it is difficult to obtain. Many supplements that claim to have indium may not actually do so. And as the supplement industry is not regulated in the US, it is difficult to determine which supplement is genuine. Thus, to ensure that you get a quality indium supplement, you should buy one that has been made by a pharmaceutical GMP compliant maker.

2. As indium helps in the absorption of other minerals, you should look for a supplement that contains indium as a part of other essential minerals and vitamins.

3. Avoid buying any indium supplement that has sand, silica, starch etc as a part of the ingredients, as these are harmful to your health.

4. The most popular option today is to look at a natural multivitamin that not only contains indium, but other vital nutrients as well.

Source by Henri K. Junttila

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