Innovative Human Resource Management for Employee Productivity

Progressive and innovative managers realize the importance of increasing motivation and satisfaction among employees to boost their output. More than just pay incentives, worker output can be increased by providing tailor-fit benefits to meet their needs and motivating them with the quality of work life.

Increasing worker motivation and satisfaction can promote better productivity, produce effective, efficient and loyal workers, boost higher quality of work and make them stay longer in the business.

The nature of motivation and effectiveness among employees is the way by which modern human resource management is done. In fact, there is a direct relationship between progressive human resource management and effective management, which includes a work environment that is conducive towards achieving the goals of the company as well as the employees.

Moreover, the success of your management is determined by your knowledge and skill in evaluating and identifying issues and concerns affecting employees as well as your ability to handle and resolve them with the help and satisfaction of workers. Several factors need to be considered such as whether your workers know how you gauge and judge their performance; educational and training programs to encourage and promote personal development; trust and confidence on the knowledge and capabilities of your employees; opportunity to allow your employees to make decisions and an open, honest and free communication with them.

Not only can these factors promote worker productivity, it can also help address or avoid problems with the management and employees as well.

Achieving good, quality employee performance depends on how much opportunity you provide them for their individual growth and achievement as well as recognition, responsibility and reward.

Remuneration is a primary reward you can give to your employees. Once the pay and benefits are properly established, it is important to use other ways to further boost your workers’ output. Increasing employee productivity is mainly based on recognizing their desire to perform better on the job, assume responsibility as well as to aim higher and succeed. Moreover, the quality of work life also includes making your employees a part of the decision-making process.

However, there are instances when productivity may lower among employees who enjoy higher pay and more benefits. And not all worker productivity and motivation issues are solved by fat paychecks and promotions. Workers may even become more efficient with fair pay commensurate to performance.

Providing tailor-fit benefits to meet the needs of employees is an important part in boosting the quality of work life among employees. Doing so can maximize labor costs that go to the worker as well as the return without necessarily increasing overhead and operating expenses. For instance, instead of recruiting, hiring and training new employees, which can involve more time and money, you can motivate your existing employees by giving them opportunities for career growth and development such as training and enhancement. Efforts to satisfy individual needs in your employees with flexible benefits help reinforce motivation. It may even be more valuable to an employee than just a mere pay raise.

Remember that needs vary from one employee to another and factors such as age, education, experience, martial status, family size, job fulfillment determine the appeal of a benefit. There should be proper planning, consultation, training and implementation in order to achieve positive results.

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