Internet Network Marketing The Next Big Thing?

There is little doubt that the introduction of the World Wide Web has completely revolutionized the way we do business today creating totally new sectors, products and services as a result. The Internet has also forced traditional business sectors to adapt or die in the wake of increased global competition. One of the most exciting outcomes of its creation has been the opportunity for millions around the world to free themselves from the restrictions of a job and work for themselves at home, earning an income online.

The network marketing industry or multi-level marketing sector as it is also referred to is nothing new. In fact it is really a business system rather than an industry because it is essentially delivering products and services directly to a target market from the wholesaler without the complexity of traditional distribution chains. It cuts out the 'middleman' and reduces marketing costs for the company as the distributors get to work in identifying and targeting potential customers through conventional and less conventional marketing methods.

This provides a business opportunity for the seller to earn commission as the savings generated by Network Marketing companies over conventional distribution methods enables higher rewards to be passed on to their distribution networks. The origins of Network Marketing can be traced back to as early as nineteen-twenties America when Nutrilite, now an Amway subsidiary was started.

Amway Corporation didn't come into existence until 1959 and has evolved today to become the largest multi-level marketing business in the world. Other more familiar brands within network marketing would include Avon, Mary Kay and Herbalife. There is now a multitude of products and services being sold through a network marketing business model such as luxury holidays and self improvement and personal development options.

Network marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors of this century and much of that growth can be attributed to the Internet and technology development. It has completely transformed how business is done.

Internet and technology benefits include;

  • Global reach-The opportunity to recruit distributors from all over the world. There is a multitude of platforms available to market your message with You Tube video sharing and blogging and sites like Face book and Twitter to connect with like-minded individuals looking for the same things without the associate high costs of PPC advertising.
  • PPC and CPC advertising replacing traditional off-line methods of advertising hitting larger numbers and targeting people more effectively through demographics and keyword research.
  • The ease of communication and training of a team, once hired, utilizing the latest webinar products, Skype telephony and blogging platforms and resources for sharing data privately.
  • The ability to take advantage of outsourcing many of the aspects of marketing your business at a cost effective level thereby gaining expertise and saving time.

Whilst cheap and user-friendly technology is a major factor in enabling more people to get started and be successful from working from home online there are other influences impacting this trend;

There is a growing dissatisfaction and disillusion amongst the 'employed' community as workplace re-structuring and uncertain economic conditions increases the probability of redundancy. Employee / employer loyalty is a thing of the past and many people are looking to cushion themselves from the threat of a loss of income.

Network marketing has no barriers to entry, relatively low start-up costs and a readymade system to plug into and leverage including full training and support. Increasingly though, highly skilled individuals are turning to Network Marketing and are attracted by the possibilities of thriving within a synergistic, team orientated interdependent community of free enterprise.

The trend for lifestyle changes to facilitate a better work life balance and greater flexibility of working including portability of working wherever is an attractive proposition to those looking to escape the restrictive practices of the corporate world and the exhausting daily commute.

Whilst the Internet offers new possibilities in terms of income and wealth creation and greater autonomy, old habits for success still apply.

Internet Marketing like any other form of marketing requires;

  • Focused effort and time to build a brand and income stream.
  • The ability to network effectively and develop great relationships.
  • Daily action and commitment.
  • The desire to learn and keep up to date with changes.

Clearly Internet network marketing is a major opportunity as Internet usage continues to grow. The early adopters, like any business, have the potential to capitalize on this trend provided they can adapt with the times but take the best practises of operating within a mainstream company.

Source by Kath Roberts

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