Iran launches missiles at US airbase in Iraq : politics

Attacks underway on multiple locations in Iraq: U.S. officialreuters.com10 rockets hit airbase in Iraq where US troops are locatedcnn.comTehran Launches ‘Tens’ of Missiles at Iraqi Base Housing U.S. Troops, Iran State TV Sayshaaretz.comUS airbase in Iraq reportedly hit by rocketsbbc.comIran crisis: Tehran launches missile attack on US-Iraqi Ain al-Asad air claims responsibility for missile attack on U.S. base in Iraqaxios.comSecond shelling at Iraq’s Ain Al-Asad air base: Al Mayadeen TVreuters.comIran Says It Fired “Tens” Of Missiles At A Major US Military Base In Iraqbuzzfeednews.comIran fires at Iraqi base housing U.S. troops, warns U.S. not to retaliatepolitico.comIran launches missiles at US military facilities in Iraq: US officialabcnews.go.comIran Attacks U.S. Facilities In Iraqm.huffpost.comIranian TV says Tehran has launched missiles at U.S. bases in Iraqlatimes.comRockets hit Iraq base where US troops are locatedcnn.comTwo US military bases in Iraq hit by Iranian ballistic missiles, start of promised retaliation to assassination of General Soleimaninytimes.comIran fires missiles at multiple bases housing US troops in Iraqcnbc.comRockets hit Iraq base where US troops are locatedcnn.comU.S. base in Iraq comes under attack from missiles, Iran claims creditnbcnews.comIran launches missiles on al-Asad US airbase in Iraq – live updates – US newstheguardian.comRockets fired at Iraqi airbase hosting American forces: U.S. officialreuters.comRockets hit airbase in Iraq where US troops are locatedcnn.comPentagon acknowledges Iran launched more than a dozen ballistic missilesmsnbc.comIran fires missiles at multiple U.S. positions in Iraq in retaliation for Soleimani killingyahoo.comIranians Strike At U.S. Targets in Iraqrollingstone.comPentagon: Iran fires ballistic missiles at two U.S. bases in Iraqkktv.comU.S. base in Iraq comes under attack from missiles, Iran claims creditnbcnews.comU.S. Facilities In Iraq Attackedhuffpost.comMissile attacks target US forces in Iraq, senior military source says; Iran suspectedfoxnews.comIran State TV: Tehran Fires at Iraqi Base Housing U.S. Troopstime.comTop Iranian official tweets image of Iranian flag following attackcnn.comIran launches missile attacks on U.S. facilities in Iraq, according to Iranian state mediawashingtonpost.comIran Launches Rockets at Base Housing U.S. Troops as ‘Vengeance’ for Soleimani Killingthedailybeast.comTrump’s Fox News Pals Are Picking New Iran Targets On-Airthedailybeast.comMilitary Base Housing U.S. Troops In Iraq Has Been Attackednpr.orgIran warns US not retaliate over missile attack in Iraqapnews.comGabbard: Trump’s decision on Iran ‘has undermined our national security’thehill.comRockets hit Iraq base housing US troops; Iran claims responsibilitythehill.comIran Says Starts Attack on Iraq Base Hosting U.S. Troopsbloomberg.comDow futures plunge 400 points after Iran retaliation raises fears of bigger conflictcnbc.comRand Paul warns Trump admin after Iran retaliatory strike: War must go through‘Death to America’ aimed at Trump, not American nation, Iran leader saysreuters.comIran launches second attack on US air base in Iraqmercurynews.comGraham says he told Trump on Iran: ‘Cultural sites, religious sites are not lawful targets’foxnews.comTrump Wants to Drag Us Into War With Iran. Bernie Is the Candidate to Stop Him.jacobinmag.comAmericans increasingly critical of Trump’s record on Iran, most expect war: Reuters/Ipsos pollreuters.comOil prices soar after Iran attacks airbases housing US troops in Iraqcnn.comTrump meets with Saudi officials as Iran tensions escalatenbcnews.comAfter missile launch, Iran leader tweets flag – like Trump did after Soleimani deathmcclatchydc.comWhy did Donald Trump provoke Iran into striking US troops? State TV: Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Khamenei coordinating attacks on U.S. forces in Iraqmsnbc.comOil prices surge, U.S. stock futures plunge after Iran missile attackmarketwatch.comFAA issues emergency restriction for Persian Gulf airspace after Iran missile strikethehill.comIran has threatened to unleash a third wave of attacks in Haifa, Israel, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, if the United States retaliates after ballistic missiles hit an Iraqi-U.S. coalition military base in western Iraq.washingtonexaminer.comIran attack: Missiles fired at US forces in Iraqbbc.comSeb Gorka: ‘We Should Welcome’ Iran Attacks Because Trump Will ‘Unleash Holy Hell’thedailybeast.comTop Law-Makers Call for Prayer, Unification after Iran Launches Missile Attack against US Forces in

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