Is Emo the New Hairstyle Craze?

There are many different hairstyles that have been popular over the years. A hairstyle that was popular in years back was the mullet cut. Now days, long styles, even emo hairstyles, are growing very popular among boys and girls. You may not see many people sporting a mullet, but many people do have emo hair and other long hairstyles. Once upon a time, it was customary for a man to have short hair, and a woman to have long hair. That is not the case anymore.

Some men have hairstyles that are similar to women’s and some men even wear their hair longer than women do. Emo hairstyles are often long, and they are very popular among both men and women. What you would not have seen in earlier years, you certainly do see now. Back in the 80s there was a trend where many people wanted to bleach their hair blonde. It seemed like everyone wanted to be blonde, even people with the darkest of black hair.

Now days, more and more people are dying their hair black, and less people are dying their hair blonde. It is not only emo hair that comes in black. People who prefer all different sorts of hairstyles are going for the darker look. Most emo hairstyles, however, are black. In some cases there is a tint of a different color in the bangs.

The style from the 70s that has come back is the straight look, whether it is an emo hairstyle or not. Girls used to lie down on their beds and iron their hair with a clothes iron to achieve the straight look back in the 70s. Today, there are straightening irons available to help women achieve this straight look. Straightening irons are much healthier for hair than clothes irons were back in the day. No matter what hairstyle people are choosing, in this day and age hats are growing in popularity.

Whether it is a baseball cap, a beret, or a nice little hat that fits closely to the head, people are wearing them. Cowboy hats used to be the most popular hat made, and they are also making a comeback. Even people with emo hair are wearing black hats to help accent their hair. Trends from the past are making their way back to being popular. However, one can only hope that we do not see the mullet come back into style. That is one long hairstyle a lot of us could do without!

Source by James Wissink

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