Is There Such A Thing As Taking Too Many Vitamins?

Vitamins are taken in order to create somewhat of a balanced approach to feeding yourself with minerals that are digested into your system in order to create a more healthy biological system. But, is there such thing as taking too many vitamins? Whether you’re taking Vitamin A, B, C Zinc, omega 3 there is a possibility that you can overdo it.

The facts are that if you think you can just take vitamins without doing anything to improve your own life and are using it as a supplement for neural activity then chances are you’re going to find out what an overdose actually feels like.

Vitamin Overdose

If you are taking iron on a consistent basis for a self-diagnosed condition, and you have surpassed the daily quote that you’ve been advised to take and against your own intuition, then these rate will rise to a toxic level and begin creating agitation within the walls of your abdominals. BBC news has recently released information that Vitamin overdose is actually more common than one may suspect. Linus Pauling who was known to be an advocate of Vitamin C was literally taking 50 times the required dose and according to him is responsible for making him live longer. This in part has caused a little bit of controversy with the idea that if you overdose on vitamins, you will live longer. Taken at that rate, depending on your knowledge can detract from your health.

The medical effects of a vitamin overdose are

• Abdominal discomfort

• Nausea

• Diarrhea

• Fatigue

• Hair Loss

• Stomach cramps

• Temporary mild nerve damage

What is the typical dosage?

The typical dosage is what your doctor prescribes. If you have enough knowledge to know that your vitamin C levels are deficient, then take a few and be patient with the results. The tablets are no replacement for food in any way. The typical dosage is measured for 14 to 15 milligrams per day for an adult. So if your taking anything more than that, be prepared.

So, is there such thing as taking too many vitamins? The answer is yes there is, but that depends on your own personal neurological and biological makeup. Everyone’s body is similar however, not everyone is exactly the same and because of that fact, information that is generalized can do some more harm than good. Therefore, is it always quality information to listen to yourself before you put anything into your system.

Source by Terri J Mills

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