I’ve Never Seen a Fat Vegetarian – To Be Or Not to Be

Well okay……sometimes it’s hard to change your eating habits. What made sense to me was that meat eating animals have a very short intestine system. This is because big piles of meat & potatoes or just meat takes an incredibly long time to digest. Humans have an incredibly long intestine system. Feel tired after a big meal? You should because you will use more energy in life digesting food than anything else you do! No kidding! Cut out the meat & live like the ‘long intestine animals – the vegetarian animals’.

I know it’s easier said than done and despite out best intentions change can be hard. Just do tiny changes, gradually. Decide, for example, okay, I want to eat more salads and less meat. Don’t set yourself up for failure! Maybe add salad once more a week and meat once less a week. Do that for a month or so until it’s just part of your life. Then it’s easy to add another good intention that becomes a habit.

PS. Take Vitamin B12 as a supplement if you rarely eat red meat and lack abundant energy with adequate sleep! I will add lots of tips about going veggie. Note: I am into eating fish cause it’s so damn good for you and eat some poultry when I’m craving a change from beans or tofu…lotsa good recipes coming to this site! Be Healthy – Have Incredible Energy – Feel Young – Save $$$$$$$ – Save Time on Cooking!

PS – I love my Dad’s Steak – Won’t say NO to that once or twice a year. He’s a master bar-b-cuer!

PPS – For any of you that went to Kaslo School & had the pleasure of Mrs. Higashi, she’s the one that said, “have you ever seen a fat vegetarian?”

Source by Laurie Meers

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