Jay-Z reportedly unhappy with the way Colin Kaepernick handled workout

Jay-Z is said to have played a role in the NFL’s decision to organize a workout so teams could get a look at Colin Kaepernick, and the music mogul is apparently displeased with the way Kaepernick handled the situation.

According to a report from Complex, Jay-Z feels Kaepernick turned Saturday’s event into a publicity stunt and is disappointed with how things unfolded. That meshes with what TMZ reported on Sunday morning, which is that Jay-Z believes the NFL was genuine in wanting to give Kaepernick an opportunity.

As some could have predicted, Saturday’s arrangement turned into somewhat of a nightmare. Kaepernick ended up working out for NFL teams, but only the ones whose representatives were willing to travel to a different location from the one the league had secured for the event. Kaepernick informed the NFL on Saturday that he had decided to move the location of the workout to a Georgia high school about 60 miles from its scheduled location at the Falcons’ training facility, with the quarterback’s camp saying there were issues over media access and an injury waiver the NFL asked Kaepernick to sign.

The NFL released a lengthy statement claiming the injury waiver they wanted Kaepernick to sign was standard procedure, and they also said they granted Kaepernick permission to bring Nike’s film crew and were not informed he wanted the workout to be open to the media until Saturday afternoon. The league also said they found out via social media that Kaepernick bailed on the original location.

Jay-Z supposedly pushed for the NFL to set up the workout for Kaepernick, though there has been some question about his motivation for doing so.

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