Jewelry for Pets?

As an Aventura Pet Sitter and Aventura Dog Walker I am seeing the following trend more and more each day: "Spoiled pups wearing jewelry". But this is not just a modern trend: Winston Churchill's bulldog wore a diamond necklace. A more modern celebrity Paris Hilton owns a chihuahua who wears a Cartier diamond necklace and her poodle wears a gold tennis bracelet. Paris has actually designed a collection of jewelry for dogs.

Tarina Tarantino is another big name designer that has added a unique Hello Kitty dog ​​jewelry line to her reportoire. In addition to dog collars and necklaces, this collection also includes hair (or should we say 'fur') clips, barrettes and more designed with genuine Swarovski crystal embellishments.

There are even companies like Dog Cat Jewelry which specialize in making custom jewelry for your pets based on your specifications, no questions asked. They design anything from pewter collar charms, pet necklaces, swarovski charms, and more.

But don't think that is all fashion jewelry, that is fake jewelry for pooches. Bark Avenue Jewelres founded by Paul and Rachele Bierker who have always referred to their dog Charlie as their first child, have a whole collection of gold, diamond, and custom design jewelry which has nothing to envy to any designer of jewelry for humans. Their designs are not only available for dogs but for kitties as well.

So, next time you think of spoiling your furry friend, don't just think a cashmere sweater, a nautical life jacket, a pair of doggles, an orthopedic bed, dog perfume, or a Gucci dog leash or Gucci hat. Think jewelry, and if possible, think gold and diamonds jewelry! They WILL appreciate it.

Source by Briseida V Lopez

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